GodSway My Anecdotes with God: One woman’s journey with God from childhood through Adulthood

GodSway My Anecdotes with God: One woman’s journey with God from childhood through Adulthood
GodSway My Anecdotes with God by Diana Skidmore Keathley

“I don’t remember who was at my grandparents’ house that day, what the occasion was, or what happened before or after. But Iremember, as though a spiritual snapshot had been taken, that moment when I fully understood that ‘I’ was somehow completely separate and different from the sum of my body parts. I understood that the real ‘me’was on the inside. I was much too young to have been taught that byanyone or to have understood it with my brain or intellect. It was a truth that came directly from God, a spiritual understanding.” – excerpt from GodSway 

Have you ever felt, for better or worse, that you weren’t always in control of your life? Like an outside force was nudging you, guiding you?

In this heartwarming and hopeful book, Diana Skidmore Keathley shares pivotal moments in her life and how they impacted and were impacted by her relationship with the Lord.

Readers will follow her from her youth as a Daddy’s girl, to her years pulled away from her hometown and her dream of performing with a concert choir, and on into her adult life as a foreign language teacher. Throughout her early life she was often overtaken by panic attacks. In these moments, she turned inward – finding spaces for silent communion with God.

During her turbulent teenage years, she challenged God, question His role in her life. When she did, she began to feel His personal response, launching her into a world full of faith, hope, and love.

In these pages, with the benefit of hindsight, she can now recognize the pull God had in her life from the beginning – the sway He had over her. She calls this divine interaction her GodSway – the evidence of His work in her life. As she says, “This my hand, and God’s is in it. Together, we will go throughout the world making people happy.”

New York Book Festival finalist Hollywood Book Festival finalist

Diana Skidmore Keathley is a TESL and foreign language educator based in Oklahoma. Through her work, she has become a firm advocate for immigrant families. She is also passionate about religious outreach, participating in her church’s leadership through Prayer Team, music, and Bible studies.

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