Go Green Launches Cash Depository Processing with Vault for Medical Cannabis and Marijuana Industry

Tempe, AZ – Medial cannabis and marijuana suppliers often struggle with managing and tracking their product lifecycle, generating reports and accepting credit and debit cards. A single, integrated PoS system has now been launched by Go Green Processing with free cash depository processing with vault. The on-premise vault also doubles as an ATM, and the vault itself can handle 20,000 notes at one time.

The merchant POS system is designed with an eye on giving patients and customers complete freedom to interact with the medical marijuana industry just as they do with other businesses. The on-premise vault also offers great convenience to the merchant and is serviced by an armored car that is always available. All funds can be transferred to the bank account in real time after deposit.

The Go Green Processing PoS system is meant exclusively for the cannabis industry, and offers a seamless, multi-device interface that can be used on the go. Sellers of medical cannabis and marijuana can now do with just one point of sale system that can accept credit and debit cards as well as cash, and manage the entire product lifecycle from purchase and inventory to sales. The Go Green Processing system comes with every feature that cannabis sellers want to see on their digital platform, and this includes accepting cards, depositing cash in-house, seed-to-sale integration, and managing funds via online banking, wire transfers, or electronic checking. Also included is a special Go Green Debit Card.

The Go Green Processing POS system allows accessing sales and lifecycle reports from the POS, desktop or mobile. Users can also avail of an armored vehicle for cash transfers, and use their Go Green terminal to transfer funds, browse reports and manage the account from a dashboard.

“Credit card processing and cash vault services for the medical marijuana industry is now available in the USA,” says Jerry Kelly, National Market Sales, Go Green Processing.

Go Green understands the specific difficulties faced by medical marijuana and cannabis growers, and their system is intended to give patients and customers all the freedom they deserve to interact with their chosen business exactly as they do with others.

Medical cannabis and marijuana businesses who adopt the Go Green POS system can keep a real time check on product lifecycle, from inventory investment to point of sale. Getting the Go Green merchant POS system is now easy, and businesses can get started by filling out an investment estimate and pre-qualification form online.

For more information, please visit: www.gogreenprocessing.net

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