Go Faster and Further with an Airwheel R5 City electric Bike

R5 is the latest product launched by Airwheel. Of ingenious design, R5 can let you go faster and further, enjoying a free intelligent life.


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R5 electric assist bike is the latest product launched by Airwheel, a worldwide famous manufacturer of smart transport devices. Of ingenious design, R5 can let you go faster and further, enjoying a free intelligent life.

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Selecting superior materials, R5 electric assist bike is competent to let you go faster and further. The battery set used by R5 is branded Li-ion battery cell. Having an ultra-large capacity of 214.6Wh, the battery provides sufficient and stable power supply. With a range of 100km under the power-assisted mode, the battery empowers you to go further. What’s more, the 235W powerful hub motor of R5, which integrates the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking device to the wheels, is able to offer more powerful and stable force so that you can ride as fast as 20km/h under the electricity-assisted mode.  

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Offering three riding modes, R5 e bike makes full use of the traits of different riding styles, enabling you to go faster and further. There are three riding modes available in R5: the bodybuilding mode is the same as the usual bicycle riding, requiring no electricity power and driven solely by physical power; the sensing power-assisted mode lets you ride in an easier, more efficient and more energy-saving way through the close combination of electric power and physical power; the electricity-assisted mode offers the same riding experience as an e bike. So various in riding styles, R5 gives you many riding options and enables you to go further with the involvement of electricity in varying degrees.

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Featured by light weight and quick foldability, R5 electric assist bike makes it possible for you to change to bus or metro, achieving long-distance travel. R5 can be easily folded by three steps to a volume of 0.2m3. Plus its item weight being 18.5kg, it can be easily stored in car trunk, bus and metro, letting you transfer to other forms of transport at will.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/8eDqpxYcV88

In conclusion, you can go faster and further by riding an Airwheel R5 electric assist bike.

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