Go Cloud Careers Announces Collaboration With University of Tennessee at Martin

Go Cloud Careers Announces Collaboration With University of Tennessee at Martin
The collaboration will strive to prepare a new breed of technology professionals for modern elite technology careers by combining a practical tech career education with business acumen, leadership, executive communication, soft skills, and emotional intelligence training

Port St. Lucie, Florida – May 4, 2023 – Go Cloud Careers is collaborating with renowned business educators, Cooper Johnson, Ph.D. and Jamye Long, Ph.D., at the University of Tennessee at Martin to provide modern elite technology career training.  In the modern world of cloud computing and with the proliferation of artificial intelligence, tech skills are no longer sufficient to build an elite technology architecture career. Architecture careers are focused on improving business performance with technology and optimizing people, processes, and technology.  Consequently, architects require not only significant knowledge of technology, but also overlooked skills including business acumen, leadership skills, executive communication skills, soft skills, and emotional intelligence training.  This collaboration will incorporate both the technology skills and these overlooked skills to offer a comprehensive program designed to provide the necessary fundamental underpinnings of a successful elite technology career.

“We are rapidly approaching a time, where the technology will be able to configure and repair itself, and what’s needed are people that know how to apply technology to solve business problems,” remarked Michael Gibbs, CEO of Go Cloud Careers. “Building an elite technology career is not about learning the skills of the past, it’s about learning the skills to be relevant now and in future years.  I have always advocated for the need of a certification “plus” notion to building an elite tech career and not only do Dr. Johnson and Dr. Long share my philosophy, but they will also assist Go Cloud Careers in enhancing the long-term career viability for our tech students.”.

“The training we offer is a mix of business practices, common sense, real-world and real-life applications, and lessons on how to ignite and infuse the people side of upper-level management roles with the technical skills to yield those talented individuals every notable company seeks to employ,” stated Dr. Cooper Johnson, Ph.D. “We are thrilled to bring our expertise to the global client base of Go Cloud Careers.”

“Collaborating with Go Cloud Careers is incredibly rewarding as it provides us with an opportunity to enrich the lives of professionals worldwide as they seek to advance their knowledge and progress in their technology careers to the level of highest success,” elaborated Dr. Jamye Long, Ph.D.  

“This collaboration is about preparing people for not only careers today, but also careers of the future by combining the benefits of practical career training mixed with academia,” said Chris Johnson, COO of Go Cloud Careers. “The results of our training are astonishing. Clients who have successfully completed our program are working throughout the world for companies such as Amazon, Apple, Accenture, Barclays Bank, Cisco, Deloitte, Fortinet, Google, IBM, KPMG, Microsoft, and many other elite organizations.”  

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Long recently presented the well-received “Faculty-Industry Collaborations Focused on the Engagement and Impact Practices of Interest to Accrediting Agencies” at the 23rd Annual Academic Conference of the Society of Business, Industry, and Economics (SOBIE). In addition, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Long have also been awarded the “Outstanding Societal Impact Award” by the College of Business and Global Affairs at The University of Tennessee at Martin recognizing excellence in activities and projects that engage faculty, staff, and students and lead to positive economic, educational, and social impact.

About Go Cloud Careers

Go Cloud Careers is an educational organization that builds high-performance cloud computing careers. Go Cloud is founded on one premise – we get you hired. While other organizations focus on certifications or just technical proficiency; Go Cloud students develop a practical and deep knowledge of the cloud computing roles and responsibilities to build an elite tech career. In addition to technical competency, the core instructional emphasis includes teaching the skills necessary for elite technology roles. These include leadership skills, attitude, emotional intelligence, communication skills, presentation skills, sales skills, interview skills, and more. Go Cloud students finish with more than just certifications, and by combining these executive-level skills are more desirable to employers; and will ultimately be more effective in their careers long term. Educational instruction is provided virtually. Students can learn from anywhere with a unique in-person-like experience, through the latest video and audio technologies. Instruction is not a slideshow with a voice-over presentation.

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