Less than five days are left for the token sale by the most advanced automotive technology company in the world.

Livermore, CA – August 3, 2017 – Gluon Solutions has announced that their presale for the automotive coin offering will start on Monday, August 7th, 2017 while the full-scale public sale will begin on Friday, August 18th. Gluon is an intelligent connected automotive marketplace that offers solutions to manage vehicles with its app and cloud. With a well-established base of research, development, and operations across the US and Europe, the company is introducing cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings as a new way of transaction for its valued customers.

Gluon products have been modeled in a way also to enable developers to create ancillary applications that will run on the platform, to enhance its functionality and to broaden its appeal.

“We are proudly tokenizing our intelligent connected automotive marketplace, and we are welcoming everyone to participate in our ICO initial coin offering because we understand and realize that cryptocurrency is the future of trade and transactions,” said Chris Delano, the Marketing Director at Gluon Solutions while introducing the new sale. “We can proudly say that we have revolutionized the vehicle performance and maintenance with our state of the art tools and this is yet another step by Gluon towards the future,” he added.

From diagnostic to tuning or fleet management, Gluon Solutions offers quick and easy vehicle management solutions to its clients, and this token sale will be another revolutionary initiative by the company in the automotive industry.

With Ethereum based trading now taking over several industries in the world and many large industries are now stepping into the realm of cryptocurrency. Therefore, bitcoins offered by the company under this sale will help the automotive technology company will help its clients in a whole new way.

According to the spokesperson of the company, this new initiative by Gluon will help its customers in the similar way Gluon helps the engines of their vehicles to unleash their hidden potential of performance. Just like the performance enhancement tuning of Gluon that also increases the economy, the Bitcoin sale offered by the company will also prove itself to be highly economical for the clients including small and large businesses. The goal of the company is to create a complete and healthy ecosystem of vehicles, owners, and business together and this step will help the company achieve its goals.

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About Gluon

Gluon platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and businesses can monitor, track, tune and diagnose the issues with them.  Gluon’s model is based on generating multiple revenue streams including, but not limited to, hardware sales, software subscriptions, advertising, monitoring services, diagnostic services, data services, e-commerce parts sales, and blockchain transaction processing.

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