Global Waste Sorting Robots Market Size, Share and Trends to 2025

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Global Waste Sorting Robots Market Overview:

Waste sorting is done by robotic arm that detect, picks and places it separately using the sensor array. For effective implementation of waste management strategies, robotics has a leading role in fastening the process for further recycling and reducing the cost. A two arm robot can sort 4,000 picks per hour, showing the greater capacity than the human manpower. The rising population and their consumption are increasing the waste produced from various households, commercial areas and industries. Usual composition of garbage that people throw in are 5.8% metals, 3.5% glass, 12.9% papers, 1.6% plastic, 1.8% textiles and 53.7% biodegradables, which means remaining 20.7% of the wastes is going to landfills. The advanced technology can help enhance recycling rates and divert useful resources away from landfill. In metal and mining industry, sorting robots can segregate metals, rare earth minerals and organic components from waste that can be used to manufacture products such as plastic and chemicals or to produce energy.


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Global Waste Sorting Robots Market Drivers and Restraints:

One of the major drivers for this market is the use of robots for ensuring safety in waste sorting process. Safety in solid waste collection and separation is a major issue. In defiance of the adoption of the best safety practices, accidents and injuries to human workers can still occur in different processes involved in waste collection and separation. To reduce the risk of injuries and accidents, manufacturers are developing robots for collecting and sorting waste. Robots receive instructions from operating systems for heavy lifting, dumping of waste, and separating reusable materials from waste. Major challenge faced by waste sorting robots market is the high cost and high maintenance of these robots, which makes it difficult for the small companies that contributes considerable market share.


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Global Waste Sorting Robots Market Geographical Analysis:

Based on Geography, North America accounted for major share in waste sorting robots market having more than one-third share in 2016. North America has high perforation of waste sorting robots mainly in waste recycling industries and also experiences high investments in innovative technology development. Europe is growing at a rate of 11.2% annually due to the presence of large waste robots manufacturers in this region that have large share in the total global waste sorting robots market.

Global waste sorting robots market report comprises of the following companies as the key players: ZenRobotics, Sadako Technologies, AMP Robotics, Waste Robotics, Alpine Waste & Recycling, Resource Recycling, Inc, etc.


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