Global Tribrush LLC, unveils FITNESS 4 FUN, an innovative card game for families who want to have fun while working out

FITNESS 4 FUN is an innovative and exciting new card game from the stables of Global Tribrush LLC, for kids and families who would love to simultaneously combine the thrills of card game and the satisfaction of fitness. It’s a first-of-its-kind card game where fitness and fun complement each other.

As we progress technologically, it’s no surprise that outside activities and games have been replaced by Video games, Cable TV. and Computers. According to studies conducted on gamers, the number of platforms used, which platforms they prefer to play on, and the amount of time spent gaming on weekends could have significant implications for their odds of being obese and meeting physical activity recommendations.

In fact, in a cross-sectional analysis using a computer-based questionnaire that comprised questions on gaming behavior obtained from 292 participants who attended a large Midwestern gaming convention, after adjusting for covariates, it was observed that being obese and higher gaming sedentary habit maintained a significant linear trend.

To break this chain, innovative mind, Keith Ross, President of Global Tribrush LLC, invented Fitness 4 Fun Card Game. Mr. Ross came up with the idea for Fitness 4 Fun while watching a news segment on childhood obesity. Speaking about the card game, Ross said: “Fitness 4 Fun has taken the fitness world by surprise by adding fun to exercising. This card game was designed to take the individual away from the tabletop play (TV, video games, and computers) and provide them with a more active playing experience. Never before have there been a card game for the entire family that promotes physical fitness and fun all rolled up in one.”

It has been scientifically proven that exercising can be fun and beneficial to the growth and development of a child; hence, Fitness 4 Fun was designed with one thing in mind, to bring fun and fitness back into the lives of the modern-day child. It’s a conflation of all work and all play, which will make Jack a smart, healthy and fit child. 

As a disclaimer, Keith Ross warns that: “Fitness 4 Fun requires the participant(s) to perform a variety of different Physical Fitness Exercises. Parents, if you or your child suffers from any medical or physical impairment, please consult your physician or a licensed medical professional before performing any of the exercises listed within the rules of the Fitness 4 Fun Card Game”.

Instructions on how to play Fitness 4 Fun can be seen here In English and here In Spanish.

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