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Increasing consumption of fertilizers to improve the crop fertilization coupled with growth in the consumption of nutrients such as sulfur and nitrogen particularly for the crops is expected to drive the “ammonium sulfate market” by 2024.

The global market for ammonium sulfate is expected to grow over the forecast period on account of the growing demand from the agricultural industry and increasing fertilizers demand which will be a key factor for growth. Decreasing cultivable and the increasing demand owing to the rising population has a direct impact on the production level of the fertilizers. The increasing consumption of fertilizers to improve the crop fertilization coupled with growth in the consumption of nutrients such as sulfur and nitrogen particularly for the crops is expected to drive the industry in the near future.

The global ammonium sulfate market can be segmented on the basis of product form, application, and regional spread. On the basis of product form, the market can be segmented into solid and liquid form of the product i.e. ammonium sulfate. On the basis of application, the market can be segmented into fertilizers, industrial use, food additives and other application such as wood preservatives & flame retardant. On the basis of regional spread, the sector can be segmented into regions of Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and MEA.

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The application of the product in fertilizers is expected to drive the market in the near future. This is on an account of it having a unique property of absorption by plants and a low pH level owing to which it is useful in absorption. It is mainly used in soils flooded and which are used for the production of rice where the nitrate based compounds are not much useful.

Ammonium sulfate is used in the applications of food additives as an acidity regulator in bread & flours. It controls the pH level in baked products & bread. Other baking products which use ammonium sulfate include pita, steamed bread, bagels, english muffins, fresh pasta, buns and noodles. Growing demand for baked goods is expected to drive the industry in North America and Europe. Industrial applications such as leather, textile and flame retardants are expected to drive the expansion over the forecast period.

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The product is expected to witness significant growth in Asia Pacific on account of government initiatives which result in high output along with suitable pricing beneficial for the producers as well as the consumers. Efficient agriculture practices are expected to hold an integral part of the expansion of the industry on account of increasing need for high yield crops. Asian countries in the south-east region such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia are expected to witness an expansion of the product owing to their heavy dependence on agriculture. The existence of strict regulations in developed economies such as France, the U.S., Germany, U.K and Italy is expected to hinder the expansion of the market in that region over the forecast period.

High exposure of ammonium sulfate is a critical factor which is obstructing expansion as over exposure can cause severe lung disease in the long run. The market is expected to be affected by the awareness programs for the consumers about the other side effects of ammonium sulfate and thus the growth is expected to slow down. Established players are however investing in the research & development projects of the compound to bring down the emission levels of harmful gases which are danger for humans and making it suitable to use.

The application scope of ammonium sulfate has widened over the past few years, new entrants have a limited scope to enter the market with already existing players dominating the market. Top industry players include BASF, DSM and Honeywell. The companies have been involved in several strategic moves over the years in an effort to increase their output, widen their scope of application and improve their product portfolio..Other industry players include Rentech, Aekema, Lanxess, SABIC, Domo Chemicals, Agrium, and Evonik.

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