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The significant role of nuclear industry in defense, security and global power generation is expected to drive the market growth of “nuclear air filtration industry” over the forecast period. North America, with United States in particular, is the most crucial market for nuclear air filtration systems and is expected to witness substantial growth in the near future.

With the worldwide nuclear air filtration market estimated to exceed USD 6.7 billion by 2024, the global Nuclear air filtration market is expected to demonstrate evident growth potential over 2016-2024. The significant role of nuclear industry in defense, security and global power generation is expected to drive the market growth of nuclear air filtration industry over the forecast period.

With the global nuclear power generation industry indicating positive prospective growth signs, nuclear air filtration industry is expected to follow a notable growth trajectory in the years to come. Rising safety concerns and stringent environmental laws have compelled the nuclear establishments to adopt and implement a robust air filtration system as an indivisible component of their installation. Greater degree of responsibility and accountability demanded from nuclear power generation units along with an unyielding emphasis on minimizing nuclear air pollution is expected to drive the global market growth over the foreseeable future.

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The nuclear air filtration system plays a pivotal role in nuclear energy research facilities, fuel processing installations and waste management units. The system’s ability to execute proficient filtration of air & water as well as resourceful processing of fluids for higher operational efficiency is expected to propel the market demand over the years to come.

Industrial processes such as chemical separation, fixation and extraction as well as various mechanical processes need nuclear air filtration system and thus are expected to boost up the industry growth. Severe Regulatory standards in most of the nations to substantially cut-down radioactive emission are anticipated to impel the industry demand over the forth-coming years.

Nuclear air filtration systems facilitates enhanced product life by employing low-efficiency filters in the initial phase to keep away contaminants, and then letting the air pass to final filtration stage. Efficient implementation of these filters prevents release of radioactive material into the environment. Successful integration of these systems with operational nuclear installations is expected to surge the nuclear air filtration industry demand over the forecast period.

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Nuclear air filtration market mainly entails the efficient use of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), pre-filters and carbon Filters. High efficiency particulate air filters deliver high efficiency and demonstrate elevated potential in removing droplets, contaminants and sub-micron sizes particles utilizing advanced diffusion techniques and efficient particle attraction. It is capable of eliminating up to 99.97% of pollutants.

HEPA filters aids in enhancing the product life cycle by blocking the detrimental particles prior to the passage of air into final attrition. Also, HEPA filters are also efficient in eliminating various viruses, bacteria, asthma triggers and allergens such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander and molds. HEPA filters, particularly used in safe cells are made up of nuclear grade material and are intended to provide protection from nuclear fallout and biological agents.

Carbon filters are predominantly used to eliminate organic acids, halogens, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, sulphur dioxide, ethers, esters, sulphuric acid, phosgene and other air borne chemicals. Furthermore, these filters assist in removing odour from humans and animals. Also, Carbon filters are estimated to be successful in eliminating VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as well as disinfecting perfumes and household chemicals.

The carbon Filters utilizes a combination of NUK-TK carbon which is specialized in treating radioactive iodine and ASZM-TEDA for treating highly volatile warfare gas agents. The granular blend is pushed onto a compressed block having proper bed-depth to meet the specification for absorption of chemical agents and eliminating blow-by. This is significant as the carbon filter actually adsorbs the gases, molecule by molecule, onto its surface. Thus, Carbon filters offers protection from the broadest spectrum of airborne gas threats.

Filter system embedded with activated carbon filters are expected to rise to prominence as they filter particular toxic aerosol compounds by treating with various chemicals. However, for achieving better operational efficiency, a combination of HEPA and Carbon filters is used. Pre-filters are primarily used to control the flow of the air by offering high resistance to it. By blocking the passage of fibres and other large particles from entering into air filtration system, it improves the product life.

North America, with United States in particular, is the most crucial market for nuclear air filtration systems and is expected to witness substantial growth in the near future. Countries having a large number of nuclear power generating facilities and research establishments are expected to boost the global nuclear air filtration industry growth over the forecast period. UK, France, Japan, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, India, South Korea and China holds greater potential for the filters for the years to come.

Major players occupying top-knotch market share of Nuclear Air filtration  market include Camfill Farr Air Filters, AAF International, Vokes-Air Group, Midwesco Filter Resources Inc., Hollingworth and Vose Company, Lyndall Inc., Sogefi spa, Ahlstrom, Mann Hummel 3M company, Purafil Inc., SPX corporation, EMCEL Filters Ltd, Cambridge filter corporation( Kondoh), UCI-FRAM group, Flanders Corporation, Freudenbeg and Co., and Aerospace AmericaInc.

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