Global Commercial Laundry Machinery Market Size and Share analysis to 2023

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Global Commercial Laundry Machinery Market Overview:

The process of washing and cleaning clothes has become relatively simpler in recent years. No long waits at wells and rivers. Washing machine has put an end to all the difficulties. The commercial laundry market is a respite for all of humanity. This market comprises of dry-cleaning equipment, presses, commercial dryers and washer system and can be segmented into front load or top load machines. This market is absorbed by various sectors like hospitality, healthcare, educational and service industries. Of the lot, the vended system that runs on coins and is self-serviceable is the most common format globally.


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Global Commercial Laundry Machinery Market Size Analysis:

The commercial laundry machine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX% up to 2023. Geographically, the market is dominated by North America that has generated a revenue of $XX million in 2015, holding a market share of XX% and is said to contribute to the overall global growth by growing at a CAGR of XX% in the forecast period. EMEA regions are also on the growth radar and tourism in UK, Germany and UAE are hoped to drive the market ahead. APAC is also expected to grow big in the recent years with a CAGR rate of XX%. The market itself is fragment with big and small players alike. Some big names in the market include Allied Laundry Systems, Continental Girbau, Dexter Apache Holdings, BOWE, Whirlpool, Electrolux and others.


Global Commercial Laundry Machinery Market Demand Analysis:

Growing demand of the market has led to vendors coming up with innovative solutions like electronic controls that conserve energy. This has been implemented in North America recently owing to the government regulations of implementing energy efficient systems. Hospitals are a major contributor to the revenue of this market as hygiene and continuous cleanliness is a basic quality expected across the world.


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Growing demand for efficient laundry systems, coupled with rising standards of living, technological advancement, growing awareness of health and hygiene and rise in disposable income has led to a substantial boost to the commercial laundry machine market. However, there are some restraints to this industry. The costs associated for setting up, or replacement in case of a breakdown and basic maintenance and operational expenses deter the market from establishing itself. Despite it all, there is hope that the positive features that make washing easier like automatic load control, ability to exchange heat, automated residual moisture control etc. outrank the flaws and continues to grow in the coming years.


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