Global Battery Market by Battery Types, Transport Segments, Regions, Companies

Global Battery Market by Battery Types, Transport Segments, Regions, Companies

Global Battery Market is expected to be more than USD 126 Billion by the end of the year 2025.
Global Battery Market by Battery Types (SLI, Lithium-ion, Lead Acid, Nickel–Metal Hydride Battery – NIMH), Transport Segments (Bikes, Automotive, Marine, Forklift), Regions (North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East), Companies (Continental AG, BYD Corporation Ltd, Exide Technology, Samsung SDI, SANYO-PANASONIC, LG Chem. Power Amperex Technology Limited)

Global Battery Market has bright future as demand for battery enabled vehicles is expanding extensively since governments all over the world are supporting green energy and eco-friendly mode of transportation to control air pollution and carbon emission. For this, numerous automotive battery producers around the globe are getting abundant subsidies to enhance production capacity. Automotive batteries are also called rechargeable batteries. The primary purpose of automotive battery is to provide electric energy to vehicles used for SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition). Other than supplying power it also works as voltage stabilizer. Automotive batteries other function is to provide power to air conditioners, music systems and wipers etc. Global Battery Market is expected to be more than USD 126 Billion by the end of the year 2025.  



Earlier most of the automobile uses lead-acid batteries. But currently, the Lithium-ion battery is considered to be the most compatible batteries, which helps to run both large vehicles as well as small vehicle efficiently and effectively. Lithium-ion batteries are mostly used in the automotive industry, for instance, electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicle and e-bus etc whereas lead-acid batteries are generally used in e-bike and e-three wheelers (e-rikshwa). The factors driving the market are the fast charging capabilities of the lithium-ion battery which is enforcing the electric vehicle manufacturer to adopt the technology at a rapid pace. Besides, the demand for the Lithium-ion battery is growing drastically in various applications like automotive and industrial because of systematically decline in the price of the lithium-ion battery. 

Automotive Battery is the largest segment in Global Battery Market 

This report is classified into four transportation mode: Automotive, Marine, Bikes and Forklift. The market of automotive battery is quite significant as compared to other segment in this report. Marine battery market is comparatively new discoveries and involved varieties of risk. Therefore further R&D is required to ensure 100% safety of battery in marine industry. 


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Regions – Global Battery Market Analysis

This chapter gives complete insight on global battery market on regional front such as Western Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America. According to Renub Research Analysis, there is huge potential of battery market in Asia Pacific regions.

Battery Type – Global Battery Market 

There are various batteries used in transportation, but in this chapter, we have taken three major batteries; Lithium-ion Battery, Lead Acid Battery, Nimh and others. 

Companies Analysis  

The key players in this industry include Continental AG, BYD Corporation, Exide Technology, Samsung SDI, Sanyo Panasonic, LG Chemical, Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). The company focuses on the development of new products, partnerships and acquisitions to maintain their positions in the market. 

All the 7 companies studied in the report have been studied from 3 points 

      •    Overview
      •    Business Strategy   
      •    Sales Value

Types of Battery Market

      •    Lithium-ion Battery Market
      •    Nickel–Metal Hydride Battery (NIMH) Market
      •    Others Automotive Battery Market
      •    Lead Acid Battery Market
      •    SLI (Start, Light & Ignition) Battery Market

By Mode of Transport – Global Battery Market

      •    Automotive 
      •    Marine
      •    E-Bike 
      •    Forklift



By Regions – Global Battery Market 

      •    North America    
      •    Western Europe
      •    Eastern Europe
      •    Asia Pacific
      •    Latin America
      •    Middle East

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Companies – Recent Developments, Sales Covered in the report    

      1.    Continental AG 
      2.    BYD Corporation 
      3.    Exide Technology 
      4.    Samsung SDI 
      5.    Sanyo Panasonic 
      6.    LG Chemical 
      7.    Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) 


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Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction
2. Research & Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. Global Battery Market (2012 – 2025)
5. Transport Segments – Global Battery Market (2012 – 2025)

     5.1 Automotive
     5.2 Marine
     5.3 E-Bikes
     5.4 Forklift
     5.5 SLI (Start, Light & Ignition) Battery

6. Market Share – Global Battery Market

     6.1 By Transport Segments
     6.2 By Automotive Battery Type
     6.3 By E-bike Battery Type
     6.4 By Forklift Battery Type

7. Battery Type – Global Battery Market (2012 – 2025)

     7.1 Automotive Battery Market
     7.2 E-Bikes – Global Battery Market
     7.3 By Forklift – Global Battery Market

8. Regions – Automotive Battery Market

     8.1 North America
     8.2 Western Europe
     8.3 Eastern Europe
     8.4 Asia Pacific
     8.5 Latin America
     8.6 Middle East

9. Regions – E-Bikes Battery Market

     9.1 Asia-Pacific
     9.2 Western Europe
     9.3 North America 
     9.4 Latin America
     9.5 Middle East & Africa
     9.6 Eastern Europe

10. Porter Analysis of Battery Industry

11. Continental AG (Germany) – Company Analysis

      11.1 Overview
      11.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      11.3 Sales Value (Billion US$)

12. BYD Corporation Ltd – Company Analysis

      12.1 Overview
      12.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      12.3 Sales Value (Billion US$)

13. Exide Technology – Company Analysis

      13.1 Overview
      13.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments

14. Samsung SDI – Company Analysis

      14.1 Overview
      14.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      14.3 Sales Value (Million US$)

15. SANYO-PANASONIC – Company Analysis

      15.1 Overview
      15.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      15.3 Sales Value (Million US$)

16. LG Chem. Power (LGCPI) – Company Analysis

      16.1 Overview
      16.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      16.3 Sales Value (Million US$)

17. Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) – Company Analysis

      17.1 Overview
      17.2 Initiatives/Recent Developments
      17.3 Sales Value (Million US$)

18. Driving Factors

      18.1 Growth in Transportation Needs
      18.2 Growing Demand of Electric Powered Vehicles
      18.3 Continuous Decline of Lithium-ion Battery Prices

19. Challenges

      19.1 Stringent Lead Pollution Norms that are affecting the Manufacturers
      19.2 High Import Taxes
      19.3 Grid Flexibility


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