Global Automotive Augmented Reality market expected to grow at an 18 % CAGR by 2020

New research report “Global Automotive Augmented Reality Market Research Report 2016” says Automotive AR market will grow steadily at a CAGR of almost 18% by 2020 due to increased use of HUDs (heads up display) in low and medium range cars in APAC.

Worldwide: Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that offers a real-time view of the physical world where elements are augmented by computer-generated input like sound, video, or graphics. In the automobile sector, the AR system is the next stage of evolution of automotive heads-up display (HUD) and other guidance-cum navigation systems on the path to developing fully autonomous vehicle technology. In modern vehicles, the AR system is an advanced version of the existing HUD system that has one primary purpose, which is to prevent drivers from looking away from the road. The development of advanced equipment like augmented reality dashboards, windscreens, and bonnets will be one of the key trends influencing the market. Continental, Hyundai, and Garmin are some of the prominent players in the automotive AR market space.

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This market report analysis identifies the increased use of HUDs (heads up display) in low and medium range cars in APAC as one of the primary drivers for the growth of this market. As it is the most affordable automobile segment, there is a constant demand for low and medium-range cars from the APAC and BRIC countries. Due to the need to avoid distractions that have drivers look away from the roads and the rapid rise in awareness about the safety of drivers and pedestrians, there has been an increase in the use of car HUD displays in low and medium range cars.

The Global Automotive Augmented Reality Market Research Report 2016 is a professionally prepared in-depth report that talks about the industry policies, plans, specifications and the manufacturing processes. In addition, it also focuses on the manufacturing processes, supply, cost structures as well as the capacity utilization of the products.

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Competition in the mid-segment vehicles has forced OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) to introduce high-end infotainment systems in mass mid-segment vehicles like hatchbacks and LCVs. Owing to advances in technology, there has been an increase in the demand for personalized entertainment in the recent years. This has, in turn, led to the rise in OEMs and electronic supplier investments to explore cost-effective means to integrate infotainment systems into small and mod-segment vehicles. This rising consumer adoption of infotainment systems to drive the adoption of augmented reality systems will be one of the major trends spurring growth in this market.

The report is segregated into 6 different parts and 20 chapters that are divided on the basis of the industry overview, analysis, key manufacturers analysis, trends, supply, market development etc.

Along with this the further parts of the report talks about the details of the history, product development, cost production, competitive landscape etc of the various regions of the countries and bring out the complete analysis as well as the trends of the industry and the product. With this, the report is further talking about the Automotive Augmented Reality Capacity Production, Market Share Analysis, Supply-demand, Import and export as well as the shortage scenario in the industry.

Report provides Segmentation by car type, Applications and regions i.e. North America, Europe and Asia as well as the main countries being United States, Germany, Japan and China.

Some of the key players included in the report are Hyundai Motor, BMW AG, Continental AG, Garmin, Pioneer Electronics, Mercedes-Benz, Nippon Seiki, Panasonic, and Volkswagen.

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