Ginsen Fertility Clinic launches new website

Leading London acupuncture, Fertility Treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic, Ginsen, announces the official launch of its new website

Ginsen is one of the leading clinics in the United Kingdom that uses Chinese medical practices to provide holistic healing and medical therapies to a wide range of illnesses. As part of the institution’s commitment to deliver excellent services to its clients, Ginsen recently launched its new website. The user-friendly website is designed to allow patients and customers alike to easily access the various services provided by Ginsen.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has grown in popularity in recent times. This is largely attributed to the features and benefits of the practice, one of which is its effectiveness in tackling several medical conditions without any side effects to the patient. Consequently, people across the globe have adopted the use of Chinese medicine to cure several diseases, especially the ones that western medicine have found difficult to treat.

Over the past decade and a half, GinSen’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners have perfected the 3000-year-old art of holistic healing and medical therapies. The addition of the new website allows Ginsen to reach a wider global audience, while giving patients the opportunity to communicate effectively with the practitioners and learn more about traditional Chinese medicine.

One of the exciting features of the new website is its easy to navigate e-store. The store offers visitors the opportunity to benefit from professional online consultations. Visitors can also take advantage of the different products and solutions available on the store, with a wide range of premium quality herbal medicines with prescription from GinSen’s expert medical staff.

The website launch is a milestone achieved on the part of Ginsen. “This is a new milestone in what we can offer and in the services that we already provide to our customers. Over the years we have helped over 200 couples conceive naturally though our consultation and fertility services and I hope with the addition of our new website we will be able to help many more,” says Practitioner Lily, Founder and Director of GinSen.

GinSen specialises in Fertility, Weight Loss and many other conditions that western medicine have failed to treat. The company has been receiving accolades from different quarters. “Over the winter, I had 2 viral infections, so was feeling very depleted. I decided to see Dr. Lily at Ginsen because I had previous experience of her expertise. After a course of acupuncture and herbal tea, I started to feel increasingly better. Now I sleep very well and my appetite is better. Dr. Lily and Dr. Huang are both very pleasant and positive. I would recommend Ginsen to everyone,” Carla Campbell.

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About GinSen

GinSen is a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, founded in 2002, by Doctor Li Hua Li. GinSen specialise in treating infertility and weight loss. Unlike western fertility clinics, GinSen assesses and looks at all the factors including lifestyle and emotional balance in order to develop a tailor-made plan of action to suit a customer’s needs and condition.


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