Gila Lapidot lunches a new Children\’s Book \”Ariel\’s Toy Room\”

“Gila Lapidot lunches a new Children’s Book “Ariel’s Toy Room””
Discover how Ariel plays in a new toy room there are books, games and toys. This is Gila Lapidot’s fourth children’s book. Her three previous books are: “Shakel Shakelovitz Finds A Treasure”, “Shakel Shakelovitz Goes To School” and “Shakel Shakelovitz Goes To The Circus”.

In Ariel’s new toy room there are books, games and toys. At night, the toys on the shelf decide to give Ariel a surprise visit because they miss him so much. Ariel wakes up and he is happy to see his favorite toys. In the morning, before going to kindergarten, Ariel goes to the play room and says goodbye to the toys. They smile back at him, reminding him of the secret midnight visit.

This is Gila Lapidot’s fourth children’s book. Her three previous books are: “Shakel Shakelovitz Finds A Treasure”, “Shakel Shakelovitz Goes To School” and “Shakel Shakelovitz Goes To The Circus”. The Shakel series is available in English and “Shakel Shakelovitz Finds A Treasure” in Chinese. Both books are on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List.

Gila Lapidot Published 2 poetry books: “People are like Flowers” which was launched at the Peres Center for Peace, “The Kiss of Life” was launched in London and reached no. 1 in Middle Eastern Poetry category on Amazon.

Published 3 children’s books: “Shakel Shakelovitz Finds a Treasure” which is no. 1 on the Amazon best seller list with five stars review and was translated to Chinese. The second book “Shakel Shakelovitz goes to First Grade” Is also Amazon’s best seller. The third one in the series was recently published: “Shakel Shakelovitz Goes to The Circus”.

The third poetry book will soon be published in Hebrew: “The everlasting horizon”

Gila is an acclaimed Israeli poet. Shimon Peres, former President of Israel, wrote about her poetry: “In its sincerity and sensitivity your poetry penetrates to the very nerve ends. Its restraint power and its turbulent softness produce a lyrical harmony that brings pleasure to its readers.”

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