Gijaru Workgear Launches Innovative Mining Products in Western Australia

Gijaru Workgear, a mining industry provider is proud to announce its entry into the Western Australian mining sector with a range of innovative new products.

Gijaru’s Workgears product lineup includes:

Gijaru WorkGear was developed with a mission to provide high-quality work kits to new starter employees. We have a commitment to showcasing and celebrating Indigenous culture through our workgear and have a dedication to diversity and cultural inclusion. Our kits enhance new starters in the mining industry with a connection to Indigenous culture.

What is a Crib Bag?

A crib bag is essentially a heavy-duty insulated lunch bag designed for the harsh realities of mine sites and industrial environments. Unlike your typical lunchbox, crib bags are built with rugged materials like extra-strong polyester and PVC tarpaulin to withstand daily wear and tear.

FIFO Crib Bags are a Must-Have for Fly-In-Fly-Out Workers

For FIFO workers out of Perth, Western Australia who spend extended periods at mine sites, crib bags become even more crucial. These crib bags allow them to pack enough food and drinks to last their entire rotation, ensuring they have everything they need for a comfortable and well-nourished stay.

The Mining Crib Bags: A Game-Changer in Workgear

The mining industry demands high-quality work gear that prioritizes worker safety and environmental responsibility. Gijaru Workgear’s Mining Crib Bags are designed to meet these needs, offering a durable and sustainable solution for new starter employees.


As an upcoming trusted supplier of mining equipment, Gijaru Workgear understands the unique needs of FIFO workers and individuals in the mining and industrial sectors. The Mining Crib Bag is designed with these needs in mind, offering durability, functionality, and convenience in one package. With customizable options available, including the addition of your logo, you can ensure your equipment reflects your brand identity.

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