Gibraltar Issues First Crypto Currency (QRG) Postage Stamps to Facilitate Auction and Other Collectables Market Transactions

Gibraltar – June 9, 2018 – Gibraltar, which is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution and one of the first regulators of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, has achieved yet another distinction. The first collectible crypto stamps have been issued in Gibraltar on May 21, 2018. Scanning the QR code next to the image generates 200 QRG Coins per block in an Ethereum wallet (My Ether). QRG coins can then be traded or used in online transactions at philately and auction houses.

The Gibraltar crypto stamps come as a block of four stamps depicting the Rock of Gibraltar and with a total value of two Pounds. A limited supply of 50,000 such blocks is available. QRG coins are expected to attract global philatelic platforms and auction houses, and currently some of the most prominent auction houses have adopted QRC Coins as valid modes of payment.

“With the number of online auction participants expanding exponentially, Kelleher Auctions views accepting the QRG Coin as a welcome and logical step forward in continuing to provide the trusted world class service our clients have come to expect since 1885,” said Laurence Gibson, Co-Chairman of Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions LLC.  “The combination of superior transaction efficiency combined with the increased confidence of buyers and sellers is the type of momentous event that we foresee leading to an explosion of epic proportions in the collectables universe.”   

“The collectables world, philatelic and Crypto communities will welcome the advent of block chain and distributed ledger technology to facilitate the transfer of value between buyers and sellers,” said World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov, a world renowned philatelist. “The Gibraltar QRG Coins will be a leading light in illuminating the transparency of such transactions and thereby increasing the trust and confidence of participants on both sides.”

The following are some of the elite auction houses that will be facilitating QRG Coin transactions:

  • Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions LLC ( America’s oldest philatelic auction house- established in 1885.
  • Danieli Artworld Gallery ( Florida’s largest fine art gallery
  • David Feldman SA ( Geneva Switzerland’s largest rare stamps auction house.
  • Galerie Dreyfus (  Basel Switzerland’s largest art and rare stamps gallery. 

Apart from philatelic markets and auction houses, other collectables markets too are expected to adopt the QRG coin as the medium for transfer of value. These include the sports memorabilia markets, fine art auction houses, antique car dealers and many others that could benefit greatly from the increased efficiency and security inherent in QRG Coin transactions compared to traditional payment systems. For many auction houses and online players, use of the QRG Coin will allow them to expand their market globally.

QRG Coin will address the issues of trust between buyers and sellers by incentivizing appropriate behavior of all participants in a transaction. It will also dramatically reduce the cost associated with the global transfer of payments, while increasing transparency and creating a ledger that will assist in tracking lineage and provenance of valuable collectables. These advantages rise above local, national and even international politics in terms of facilitating transactions. To increase efficiency the Coin will leverage the innate abilities and powers contained in block chain technology.

Gibraltar is at the forefront of this promising digital financial engineering and has received high acclaim within the global distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency communities. On January 1, 2018, Gibraltar became one of the first jurisdictions in the world to regulate businesses and individuals who are using block chain or distributed ledger technologies to transfer value between parties.

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