Getting a Fitness Tracker: Essential Factors to consider before buying one

Shopping for the best fitness tracker this holiday season can be overwhelming, as many options are now available in today’s market. Technology advancement infused with high levels of creativity, have ensured that the basic function of a traditional fitness device has evolved from just counting steps, heart rate and sleep patterns, to offering a much more aesthetic appeal. New smartwatches now look like fashion jewelries, and comes in different colors to match any outfit.

To help in your quick decision making, the below tips will help narrow down your choices of selecting the best fitness tracker. With a wide range of choices to pick from, it may be difficult to find one that would suit your best. The most appropriate one should address your individual needs, and may range from step counting, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, or in combination of something else entirely outside your fitness needs.

A Brief Overview

Most recently, the market has witnessed the launch of new devices or program applications with improved functionality and styles. We obviously expect that there will be increased emphasis on interpretation of data and other features. The transformation of the fitness watch is therefore expected to incorporate further changes, such as integrating new sensors and efficiency that will make them more dynamic in use. There are ideas already about fitting the fitness watch onto shoes, clothes, headphones, and other relevant gadgets or accessories. Nevertheless, the need for preference or choice will always be a topic of interest as not many will find them useful. They are however popular with newbies, gym junkies, runner, and swimmers.

Here are some additional tips to consider as you attempt to find the best fitness smartwatch:

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The Budget

There is a wide range of price options for fitness trackers. The latest advancements in digital technology are partly responsible for these changes, and the variety in features gives customers the opportunity to make their preferences according to desires. Today, there are many designer watch firms releasing 2nd and 3rd generation devices. This means that their earlier versions are quickly becoming cheap and obsolete. Although they may not track everything, you may still find one to address your needs and fit your workout requirements.

The most common brands include; Fitbit Zip, Misfit Flash, Pivotal Living, Razor Nabu, and Xiaomi Mi 3 Band. All the above go for under $50 and hence affordable for most regular people on a budget. They possess some of the most basic features such as to guide and track your steps. For those who are enthusiastic about a complete package with feature-filled design, there are higher prices to match for you. Examples are the Garmin vivoactive HR GPS Smartwatch and Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker have some of the most reliable fitness watches. The best in the market are expensive and easily mistaken for common smartwatches. They include; Apple Watch, Withings Steel HR Sport, Fitbit Ionic/Versa and Vivoactive 3.

What to Track

Your choice largely depends on what you want to track using the fitness device. The options can range from standard metrics or specificities. However, since most fitness tracker users use them for keeping tabs on steps, distance, calories, and activity, the general designs have these basic features.

The latest and most advanced fitness watches come with a GPS for better measurement. If your primary activity is waking, for example, most of the common brands offer this service. However, if your activity is cycling, you will need to find one that is data specific. Luckily, the market is filled with fitness trackers for most of the sports available today.

One of the least considered feature, yet equally important is the sleep-tracking mode. Since many people neglect the essence of quality sleep, the tracker helps you improve the quality of your life by timing your sleep. These wearables, therefore, differ greatly depending on the information they provide. While some of them monitor the total time, others find details concerning the various stages of sleep. (Light, deep, and REM). Most of the devices come with silent alarms to allow mild vibrations on your wrist. These designs have proved effective in waking up its users easily without disturbing your partner.


Apart from the basic uses, some of the fitness trackers are designed to monitor changes relating to heart rate, body temperature, galvanic skin response, and UV exposure among other essentials. Some can tell exactly where your VO2Max stands and overall aerobic capacity.

Appeal and Personal Taste

Fitness trackers come in a myriad of shapes, styles, and sizes. Since the design is a subjective topic, it is equally important. Although early activity trackers were chunky and unattractive, they have advanced to become trendy and likable, thanks to their new transformed looks. This means they can now be worn full time even when asleep to help you wake in time without loud alarm noises.

The variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors are all influential factors to your personal preferences. However, statistics show that the devices are largely won by men and not women. This is despite the increased need for maintaining consistency in workouts and exercises among women. Fitbit reported that around 70% of their devices are sold to men. Thankfully, this trend is gradually changing and shifting towards a more balanced ratio, as concerns an effort to purchase trackers for fitness enthusiasts across the board increases.


We all want quality and seamless experiences with our fitness tracker. Therefore, it is important to learn about the set-up, charge, data storage, and maintenance of the device. This way, we can synch our information easily and make the most out of the gadgets.

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