GetDoc app helps patients find the right doctors and book appointment on the go

Patients can find doctors, clinics and therapists based on location, specialty, insurance coverage etc.

Today, GetDoc, a medical technology company announced their mobile app, designed to help patients find the right doctors for their ailments. After downloading the mobile app or accessing the website, patients can search for doctors, clinics and therapists based on locations, specialty, insurance coverage, and other factors. Patients can also book appointment, sync to phone calendar for reminders and change appointment dates. The platform also provides very useful information on health issues, supports people to stay healthy and save time on finding the right doctor. All doctors on the platform are verified and profiled to ensure complete accuracy for users. The mobile app is available for free download at    

“GetDoc is created to eliminate the time and resources wasted trying to find the right doctor or getting an appointment. With our platform, patients can now take control of appointments and never have to wait again. We are transforming healthcare by putting power in the hands of the patients and at the same time helping doctors manage their time and resources. It is a win-win situation for everyone,” said Alvin Lee, Director and Head of Marketing & Community at GetDoc.

The GetDoc platform is a revolutionary tool that is putting power in the hands of the patient and making doctors’ efforts count even more. Patients can find doctors and clinics near them, and search for over 60 specialties including respiratory medicine, psychiatry, dental etc. Patients can also search by gender, over 30 insurance options, and opening hours. Patients can also search Health A –Z, an authoritative knowledge base encyclopedia of nearly 1000 health conditions, clearly explained. There is also the Fit for Travel, which provides travel health information and health tips for travelers. It provides, for each travel destination: details of common illnesses, advice on vaccination, latest health news and other health information.

“I love GetDoc because it saves me time and energy. I also like the fact that I can find specialty doctors based on the condition I am dealing with. It is also amazing how easily I can get reliable information on health conditions with just a tap on the app.  The platform is a testimony that technology can really change the way we live and make life better for humanity. I salute the team behind this wonderful innovation,” said Andrew F, a user.

The GetDoc app for mobile devices is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play. At the moment, the service is only available in Singapore and Malaysia, but the company plans to expand to other countries in the future.

About Get Doc
Get Doc is a medical technology platform present in Singapore and Malaysia and plans to expand its services to other countries in ASEAN in the next few quarters. The company provides timely information for people to find the most suitable and qualified doctors, clinics and therapists near them. GetDoc also provides comprehensive and credible information on nearly a thousand health condition to improve access to health information and education. For more information, please contact +65 6493-7123, or visit

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