Get Ready To Discovery the Benefits of Custom door projector lights

Get Ready To Discovery the Benefits of Custom door projector lights

When vehicle users open the door of the vehicle like a car at night, it is often difficult to see what is outside on the ground or floor. If the user is able to clearly see what is outside the door on the ground, they can take suitable precautions to avoid injuries or accident. While they can use a torch to check the ground before alighting from the vehicle, it is inconvenient. Hence increasingly vehicle custom door projector lights are being preferred to illuminate the ground before alighting from the car.

The projector light used to illuminate the ground is mounted on the door of the car. Unlike the standard lights where the image on the floor is fixed, the image on the floor can be customized for these projector lights by applying the logo or image required to the projector light. These lights are also called puddle lights since they form a puddle of light on the ground. Other names for these customized lights are car lights, ghost shadow lights or logo lights. For vehicles which are used as taxis or for a rental service, the projector lights can be customized with the logo of the business.

The projector light is suitable for all kinds of kinds of cars and similar vehicles. One section has a LED light which is clear, steady, constant and can be customized with the logo. The other section consists of a magnet which will detect whether the door is opened or closed. Due to the sensor used LED light will be automatically switched on when the door of the car is opened. The light will remain on for two minutes or till the door is closed. The LED light is powered by three AAA batteries. Though these batteries are not supplied with the light due to safety reasons, they can be easily installed.

One of the advantages of using the projector light is that it is very easy to install, no wiring or drilling of any kind is required. The projector light is supplied with a 3M adhesive sticker which is used to fix the light on the car door. Before installing the projector light, the batteries have to fixed in the light. The light should be fitted at the bottom of the car door. The magnet should be installed on the opposite side of the car frame, at a distance of approximate 10 mm from the light. When the car door is closed, the magnet should be located below the face of the sensor in the car light.

The high definition car LED light is brighter than other lighting available. The sensor mechanism ensures that the battery will last for a longer period of time, since it the light will automatically switch off. Additionally there is a provision for switching off the light. After placing the order for the customized car light online, the seller will send an email to the buyer asking for the logo which he wishes to use for the light, so that the projector light can be customized accordingly. Multicolor logos can also be used if required. All these features make the projector light the ideal option for car owners who like customizing their cars.

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