Get professional, reliable and Highly Effective Moving Services without breaking the bank with Nodigore Movers

Today Nodigore Inc. announced their secured, transparent, affordable and reliable (STAR) moving services that can be requested using their mobile app or website. They are designed to ensure that you receive first class care, personalized service, stress-free move, guaranteed safe delivery, and 100% insurance protection.

Nodigore has a unique business model that uses technology to match you with movers that are at close proximity to your pick-up location. Their movers use rental trucks and standard service include loading, hauling and unloading. Using rental trucks on-demand enables Nodigore to offer moving services at 50% lower than the market rate.

“Nodigore was born out of my passion for delivering excellent service,” said Ezzy Akem, Nodigore’s co-founder. “I and my friends had a countless number of horrible experiences with movers, so I decided and got determined to ensure that no one else has similar experiences“.

Moving can be really tasking especially due to the fact that you want all of your belongings to arrive at your destination safely and intact.

With  Nodigore, not only would you move without stress, you won’t have to spend up to 50% of the normal moving cost while still receiving an exceptional and professional service.

Nodigore movers are very reliable, professional and friendly. They are dedicated to ensuring that your move is stress-free. They are very honest and ensure that all of your belongings arrive safely. You are also given a personalized service tailored to suit you at very affordable rates. There is absolutely no need to move, and perhaps hurt yourself when you can receive first class care and 100% insurance protection.

Nodigore App is also designed to ensure it serves clients properly, giving you the ability to track your mover, from wherever you are, make automatic payments and of course rate your mover.

About Nodigore

Nodigore Inc. is a Canadian company dedicated to enhancing lives by making relocation and transportation of goods easy affordable and risk-free, and have delivered innovative solutions that have made their customers life better since 2016. The company currently operates only in the Greater Toronto Area, Province of Ontario.

The core values on which Nodigore is built on include Honesty, Ownership, Novelty, Excellence, Sustainability, Trust and Yield. Visit or download the app using the link (for Android) or (for Apple) to get a free moving quote today.

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