Get E-mail Address Breach Analysis from ‘Inoitsu Identity Services’

A service that provides accurate analysis of data breaches, an exposure level rating, and a summary of breached data, Inoitsu Identity Services is a superior online data breach platform for businesses and people looking to analyze data breaches.

Dallas, TX – Inoitsu Identity Services is quite different from other data breach services, because, besides analyzing breached data, providing exposure level rating and data breached summary, they also provide an identity alert feature that indicates data items that are more compromising.  This makes their website better than others that do not summarize or analyze.

Data breaches are almost unavoidable. Even with the most robust controls in place, a data breach may still occur — security experts agree it is not a matter of if, but when. As we become more connected and companies hold more data, breaches are increasing. A statistical analysis of breaches in the United States found that 85% were conducted by someone known to the business, usually an employee or partner. To prevent further breaches from occurring, getting an analysis is certainly the way forward. And, Inoitsu Identity Services from Loopbelt, LLC, Dallas, TX is the right website to provide you with accurate data breach analysis.

On their website, Inoitsu Identity Services provide links to Identity Theft resources, including government sites for reporting fraud, sites for identity security tips and guidelines, sites for fraud information and assistance organizations, and sites for credit bureaus and reporting. Sites like, Equifax, FTC complaint assistant, Identity Theft Resource Center, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Internet Crime Complaint Center.

How does it work?

You simply go to their Website, input the email address you want to be checked in a box provided at the top, and get a single page summary, with the option of viewing all the breaches. Data is not stored, and spamming is not possible when you check your address. You can also print the summary report on a clean single page printout.

To run a breach analysis, visit:

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