Get Better Protection From Utility Rate Increases

New Time of Use rates set by the utility company are changing the way homeowners will consume and pay for electricity. These new rates will make your current solar panel savings a thing of the past and will increase your monthly bill. Storable Solar is your only defense against the new Time of Use rates thanks to YouPower.

Solar panels are a wonderful tool that our society has started to utilize a lot more over the past few years. We use solar to power our cars, electronic devices and even our homes. Society has started making this switch because solar is better for our environment and being a renewable resource makes it a smart choice for power usage moving forward. Recently the utility company introduced new pay schemes that will be changing the way homeowners pay for their electricity. Having solar panels on your roof will not be enough to protect you from these new pay schemes. YouPower has been defending our customer’s electricity bills thanks to our Storable Solar System.

With electricity consumption at an all time high, the utility company introduced us to these Time of Use (TOU) rates and because of these new rates many homeowners are going to be seeing significant increases in their monthly electricity bill. These TOU rates work by charging consumers based on what time you consume electricity and at night those rates increase dramatically because they are considered “peak hours.” Leaving many who already have solar panels defenseless against these monopoly rates set by the utility company. At YouPower, we have over 25 years experience liberating customers from the monopoly rates of the utility company and we are ready to fight for you too.

Our Storable Solar Systems are the best defense against these new TOU schemes. These Storable Solar Systems allow homeowners to get more out of their solar panels by integrating them with our energy storage system. This system allows your solar panels to power your home and fills the storage system during the day. At night once the sun goes down, your storage system uses all that excess energy to help power your home at night. Not only do our Storable Solar Systems offer the best protection against the new TOU rates but they reduce your electricity bill and save you money.

With YouPower, it’s as easy as our name, we give YOU the POWER over your power prices. Our Storable Solar Systems are built to last and we constantly monitor your systems performance and inform you of your savings.

To learn how we defend our customers give us a call at 760-585-7000 or visit to schedule your free energy storage consultation today. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

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