Gerald Dewes: Pioneering Harmonious Global Business Practices with a Personal Touch

Gerald Dewes, a dynamic and influential figure in the business world, has made significant strides in his career. Born in Albany, New York, he now resides in Long Island, New York, and is known for his constant movement between his home, office in Buffalo, New York, and his Long Island office. Dewes, a multifaceted personality, not only excels in his professional pursuits but also maintains a strong commitment to his personal interests, particularly in alpine ski racing and maintaining physical fitness.

Early Life and Education

Gerald’s journey began in Albany, New York, where he was born and raised. From an early age, he showed a keen interest in technology, which eventually led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This solid educational foundation in computer science provided him with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the tech industry successfully.

Professional Career

Gerald Dewes’ career is marked by diversity and progression. His initial foray into the professional world was in the retail financial services sector, where he gained valuable experience and insights into the complexities of finance and customer service. Following this, he transitioned into the tech industry, leveraging his computer science background to make a substantial impact.

Currently, Gerald is deeply involved in several business areas, with his primary roles focusing on global development and integration. He plays a pivotal role in amalgamating various aspects of business operations, including sales, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and E-commerce. His approach is holistic, aiming to create seamless integration across these different functions, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Philosophy

A notable aspect of Gerald Dewes’ work ethic is his skill in “connecting the dots.” He is known for his unique ability to understand and align various components of business operations, ensuring that they work in tandem towards a common goal. His philosophy revolves around building win-win relationships, rooted in the belief that understanding and empathy are key to successful business partnerships. He emphasizes the importance of walking a mile in another’s shoes before forming judgments, advocating for a more inclusive and understanding approach to business dealings.

International Relations

Gerald’s expertise is not confined to domestic business operations. He has developed commercially linked relationships across the globe, including in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This international network enables him to navigate and integrate the needs of diverse groups, facilitating commercial success on a global scale. His ability to understand and cater to various international markets is a testament to his adaptability and global perspective.

Current Engagements

In his current endeavors, Gerald Dewes holds prominent positions in several organizations. He is the Director of Ljuv LLC, where he brings his extensive experience and strategic thinking to the forefront. Additionally, he is a Partner at AllPoints Ecommerce, where he contributes his expertise in integrating E-commerce with broader business strategies.

Personal Life

Despite his busy professional life, Gerald maintains a balance by indulging in his passion for alpine ski racing. This sport not only serves as a recreational outlet but also reflects his dedication to staying fit and healthy. His involvement in such a physically demanding sport is indicative of his belief in the importance of physical well-being in achieving overall life balance.


Gerald Dewes is a figure of inspiration in the business world, demonstrating how diverse experiences and a holistic approach can lead to substantial success. His journey from a computer science graduate to a leading figure in global business integration highlights his adaptability, strategic thinking, and commitment to building meaningful relationships. Gerald continues to be a role model for aspiring business professionals, showing that with the right mix of skills, dedication, and a human-centric approach, one can achieve remarkable heights in the business world.

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