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18 Feb, 2016 – Genuine Files is the right choice for those of you who wish to find some free apps, cheats, hacks and so on which are not loaded with bots or viruses to help game players and mobile phone users have a great time.

To get instant access to any kind of PC games, apps, cheats or hacks you just have to click on the link at This website would tell you that Genuinefiles is a dedicated company that aims at satisfying their customers with their reliable service. This company tends to be much different than the rest as it does not disappoints the users by offering any fake apps or low quality stuff just to make more money. On this website, you will be able to spot many types of applications, games for free, hacks, cheats and much more without asking for any money. You just have to browse the site for a few minutes to find the ones that you want badly.

When you click here, you will find that the website of Genuinefiles is designed in an attractive blue and white shade with a user friendly design to help you use it to the fullest. Even a first time user will need very less effort to choose their favourite stuff as the web pages are labelled neatly such as games, APK, Software and films.  When you click on the games section, you will get three categories such as PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 to hunt for games based on the gaming device you own. This site has a software section to provide you complete access to an array of products like Adobe, data recovery, file compressor, antivirus, file converter, drivers, office, multimedia, DVD tools, music and browser.

The website would tell you that Genuinefiles has been involved in offering applications free of cost for many years. There is also a news section in the site that provide PC game lovers and mobile game lovers information about the latest games hitting the market everyday as it is updated at a regular pace. The team at Genuinefiles makes sure that the reviews of each game are given in details to help the gamers choose wisely. All games can be downloaded easily for free. Any application can be downloaded round the clock as you just have to go to the respective section and follow the instructions to download given on the page. The best thing about using the site of Genuinefiles is that it is 100% safe as their team of experts reviews the apps prior to publishing them. The site also supports 24/7 customer care to reply to your queries regarding any type of free apps.

About is a 100% safe website to download any kind of apps, hacks, free games or cheats as their experts team make sure to test and review every app before publishing it on their site to make sure it free from bots. 

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