Genisyscoin, the decentralized robotic blockchain helps in transferring information between different nodes

Genisyscoin is an innovative cryptocurrency which will be used as a decentralized robotic blockchain to help transfer information between different nodes using decentralized robotic cryptographic method. It is all set to organize their official ICO from 15th September to 15th December. The ICO will be held in three phases, with each phase offering the native GNC token at a price of $1 USD, $1.5 USD and $2 respectively. Every phase will offer a total of 10000000 GNC tokens.

Genisyscoin has also received good feedback from other developers, “Decentralized robotic blockchain idea looks like very interesting”, says Charlie Lee, the co-founder of Litecoin while the founder of Ethereum Vitalin Buterin mentions, “Best of luck, hope you make a secure decentralized platform in the crypto world.” The idea of a decentralized robotic blockchain has been accepted with open arms by a number of people including the general public, crypto traders and industry experts.

How Genisyscoin blockchain works


The person “A” sends information to three different Persons (B, C, D) via Genisyscoin blockchain.

Genisyscoin Blockchain

The Genisyscoin Blockchain locks down information via the innovative robotic cryptographic method

Network Confirmation

The entire nodes in decentralized robotic network store information in robotic cryptographic words but the nodes A, B, C, and D store information in original format.


The receivers (B, C, D) get the exact information as sent by the sender and the rest of the network gets the robotic cryptographic information to verify the information transaction of the blockchain.

Genisyscoin ICO will enable the traders and investors to purchase the GNC tokens to be a part of the innovative project. The company has developed only a limited number of coins to sell via the ICO. All the funds collected from the ICO will be used in the development, marketing and exchange listings of the Genisyscoin. The coin price will increase in every phase of the ICO.

At present, the founders are in the process of listing Genisyscoin on big and reputed exchanges for trading. The users can also send a referral link to others and everytime someone joins the ICO through the link, they will receive 1% reward on their purchase in ICO. The users can also send their ICO tokens to other users internally in their registered Bitcoin address of Genisyscoin.

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