Generational Wealth Zone launches CreditAbility Business Finance and Credit Educational System

For small business owners or entrepreneurs, having a bankable business that can stand on its own for financing is imperative to its success.

A new platform designed to educate small business owners on what business lenders and credit providers are looking for in order to approve a business for business loans, equipment leases, business credit cards, vendor lines of credit and much more is now available through CreditAbility Business Finance and Credit Education System (“CreditAbility”).

“97% of all small businesses are currently not bankable,” said Dr. Teresa R. Martin, founder of Generational Wealth Zone. “That is why I created the opportunity for small businesses to access a free system. Small business owners have not taken the time or done the simple things that they have to do to make their business qualified and fundable for most lenders. Rather than turning to load shark deals, I am offering a solution with CreditAbility.”

The software allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to view their business and personal credit reports in a single environment and learn how to optimize those reports in such a way as to satisfy the underwriting guidelines of business credit providers, Dr. Martin said.

For a small business to become bankable, owners and entrepreneurs must consider the following:

Lender Compliance – A series of about 20 items that the lender’s computer algorithm checks to see if a business has completed them. Lenders use these filters lenders to separate high-risk default borrowers and those viewed as lower risk borrowers.

Tradelines – A small business must have at least ten reporting business credit tradelines, or organizations that report how a business pays its bills.

Business Credit Score – A score of 70 or above is equivalent to having personal credit scores of 700 or above. Small businesses with a higher score are seen as more likely to pay bills on time.

Bank Rating – A bank rating of a low five or higher is recommended. This is how much money goes through a business bank account. Lenders view small businesses with more money in an account as having a higher ability to repay loans and pay bills.

“Our free system starts by showing small business owners and entrepreneurs where their business is right now,” Dr. Martin said. “Then the system shows exactly where a business is short, what items need to be addressed and how to address them in order to make a business bankable. And it does it all for free.”

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn more about CreditAbility and determine if a small business is qualified, fundable and bankable at

About Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. is a veteran New York based real estate investor, attorney, real estate and small business coach, educator and business owner. She is the founder and counsel of Generational Wealth Zone and Real Estate Investor Association NYC (REIA NYC). She has been a driving force behind the business and program development that supports the REIA NYC’s fundamental belief that every investor deserves and can achieve financial certainty through investing in real estate. In addition to her partnership in REIA NYC, Teresa is a principal of Law Offices of Teresa R. Martin, PC, a New York based law firm, which provides specialty real estate and wealth acceleration legal services.

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