Gen Z’s Macabre Fascination CreepTime the Podcast Crosses 1 Million Downloads

Gen Z's Macabre Fascination CreepTime the Podcast Crosses 1 Million Downloads
The newest creepy season premiered on September 15, 2023
The newest creepy season premiered on September 15, 2023

Just one year after its launch, CreepTime the Podcast has carved a niche in the hearts of Gen Z listeners, making the unsettling and unexplained more accessible than ever. With a staggering two million followers and over one million podcast downloads, the dynamic duo of Sylas Dean and Stew are leaving an indelible mark on the true crime genre.

What started as a TikTok venture for host Sylas Dean – narrating chilling tales from the true crime universe – soon transformed into an avalanche of content, ranging from paranormal stories to spine-tingling original horror fiction. Now, with the support of Stew, a fan-favorite and a cornerstone of the CreepTime community, the two are exploring the depths of true crime in their weekly podcast episodes. Their coverage spans from the mystery surrounding the Zodiac Killer to the perplexing case of JonBenet Ramsey.

However, a pressing question looms large: Why this sudden surge in Gen Z’s fascination with the macabre? And more significantly, is this obsession a cause for concern?

As Dr. David Elkind, a renowned developmental psychologist, said, “Young people are naturally curious about death and the unknown. They may be drawn to horror movies or true crime stories as a way to explore these topics in a safe and controlled environment.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sylas Dean, co-host of CreepTime the Podcast, shares, “We’ve struck a nerve and a balance in covering these cases, especially with gen z fans. We’re fascinated by these stories ourselves, and Stew and I chase the unknown every week here. It can be unnerving, but there’s also a relief in talking through these stories with a community of fans and bringing a sense of levity to the horror.”

CreepTime the Podcast’s new season premiered on September 15, 2023, available on all leading podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The upcoming season promises thrilling episodes, enticing fan giveaways, and a tantalizing secret reveal set for later in the season.

CreepTime the Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

About CreepTime the Podcast

Deemed as a top U.S. true crime podcast, CreepTime the Podcast, hosted by the charismatic Sylas Dean and Stew, dives deep into the world of the sinister with a unique blend of chills and chuckles. Surpassing the 1 million download mark, it stands as a testament to their burgeoning popularity among the new generation.

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