Geltbox Money – New Global Personal Finance Software

Users can take advantage of Geltbox Money to import their account data from any financial institution in different countries or small institutions that usually are not supported by other personal finance software. This means that now they can see the real full picture of their finances through simple to read graphs and tables including accounts balances and net-worth, unified cash flow and periodic income and spending reports.

Geltbox Money solves the import problem by using advanced algorithms in order to recognize any financial institution data layout in any currency or format, and by automatically importing financial information. Geltbox also has a width range of import file formats.

Another unique feature that Geltbox Money has, is an embedded web browser that lets users import data directly from their bank, credit card or any other financial website. Additionally, in order to automate web imports, the users are given the option to create an automatic downloader by saving the browsing and import steps. The auto-download feature is in beta but already works for many banks around the world.

Geltbox Money is extremely flexible yet privacy-minded financial software. Geltbox Founders say: “We at Geltbox believe that private information should remain private and not stored or viewed by anyone else other than the actual owner of the information.” Geltbox Money encrypts all personal financial information and stores it on the user’s hard drive. All the information can be backed-up at any time or destroyed. This is a great feature since no personal information is sent or stored on remote servers.

In addition, users can keep track of transactions, loans, property, and investments history with no limitations while in most banks and credit cards the history is time limited. Even when changing credit card or bank, users can still search and analyze the old accounts. Geltbox Money transactions are very manageable making Geltbox Money a great tool to analyse spending. The user can easily split a transaction and label every sub-transaction separately with colorful labels.


Geltbox helps people get control of their money. Geltbox is a privately held startup company based in Israel and is working enthusiastically to further improve Geltbox Money for Windows and also started developing versions of Geltbox Money for Android, Mac and iOS.

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