Gateway 2 Counseling Launches Online Mental Health Therapy and Counseling Service over Video Conferencing

Mental health issues continue to be a huge challenge in America, due both to lack of diagnosis, stigma and unavailability of timely help. A new online mental health counseling service, Gateway 2 Counseling (G2C) now offers always available assistance via telephone and HIPPA approved video conferencing to ensure that trusted and professional advice and therapy can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

G2C aims to be flexible, reliable and trustworthy when it comes to offering therapy and mental health counseling on any device at all times. Users can use G2C to find the best matching counselor /therapist, with no need to visit offices or travel, or subscriptions.

According to some estimates, 26.2 percent of the US population (59 million people) suffers from a diagnosable mental health or addiction disorder. But less than 1/3 of those get professional help. Online treatment has shown its efficacy, and as per estimates, 57% of patients who undergo online therapy have reportedly been free of depression, compared to 42% of those who underwent conventional therapy.

Gateway 2 Counseling offers online mental health counseling for a range of mental issues including depression, anxiety, anger management, marriage and relationship difficulties. Also available is counseling for grief over the loss of a loved one or pet, sexual Issues including Identity concerns, and help for parenting concerns, drug abuse, addictions, and bullying.

With one-on-one telephone or video sessions, G2C connects you with licensed and verified therapists you would not normally have access to. Your emotions don’t work on a schedule, and therefore our online sessions are here to connect you to a therapist from whenever, or wherever, you need,” said Terry Azzouz, CEO and Owner, Gateway 2 Counseling.

G2C works with its clients to find a matching therapist and a schedule that works best. The service is noncommittal allowing clients to schedule once or more frequently.  All therapists are qualified and vetted to ensure that the counseling is caring, respectful and non-judgmental.

The official website at Gateway 2 Counseling can be browsed for a list of therapists that fit the user requirements. After booking an appointment and time, an assessment is taken to identify therapy requirements followed by the first therapy session. G2C ensures that user feedback is obtained to ensure customer satisfaction with the service. Sessions are only $49 and G2C accepts credit cards, Texas Medicaid, and no long term commitment is required.


Gateway 2 Counseling is an online therapy platform on a mission to bring peace, joy, love and light into the lives of millions. We want to bring therapy to everyone, everywhere.  With transparency, honesty, and compassion, we want to put the control in your hands, we are just here to help you create a brighter tomorrow.

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