GarageFarm.NET now support V-Ray for Rhino on their render farm

“V-Ray for Rhino plug-in for designers offers a quick, easy and cost-efficient way to render the most cutting-edge and photo real images.”
GarageFarm.NET announced today that they now support V-Ray for Rhino on their render farm. The company said this is part of their continuous improvement to their render farm to provide their customers more options by supporting more 3d software and render engines.

GarageFarm.NET announced today that they now support V-Ray for Rhino on their render farm. This is in line with the company’s vision to become the biggest and the cheapest render farm online supporting a wide range of 3D software and render engines. The render farm fully supports V-ray for Rhino plug-in features to allow users create professional and photorealistic imagery faster.

V-Ray for Rhino is a powerful rendering plug-in that allows 3D artists create professional, photorealistic imagery. V-Ray is seamlessly integrated into Rhino so every project workflow is fast, fluid and smooth.

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Some notable features include a revolutionary new rendering engine that provides instant feedback and streamlines scene setup, Dome Light that provides a simple, artifact-free solution for creating image based lighting and much more.

As part of their continued effort to improve the company’s render farm, GarageFarm.NET vigorously search for 3D software, render engines and plug-ins mostly used by modelers and add them to their cloud farm. V-ray for Rhino is the latest addition to their 3D plug-in list.

The company launched their V-ray for Rhino landing page to help and inform their customers about the new plug-in; The page contains testimonials as well as sample client renders. The company also said that they are offering their new customers a $50 free credit to test the V-ray for Rhino render farm with all features enabled without any commitment.

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