Ganoderma Coffee and IASO Tea Now Available at Online Store, I Love Stay Fit

Clermont, FL – January 4, 2018 – Natural teas and coffee are a popular way to detox, reduce weight and enjoy a healthy and fit life. The new online store for weight loss coffees, I Love Stay Fit, has launched IASO natural tea and Ganoderma coffee (Gano coffee), which have the potential to trim five pound of weight in a week.

Losing five pounds in five days may sound surreal, but not out of reach with the help of Ganoderma coffee and IASO tea. Ganoderma coffee is known as a soothing beverage, helping fight a variety of ailments through the use of a special type of mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum. The coffee contains less caffeine that regular coffee, and is used in cases of insomnia and fatigue.

I Love Stay Fit features IASO tea in a special package of 60 sachets making for a week’s supply. The ingredients comprise a blend of all natural white, green and herbal tea. Two cups of IASO tea have shown the power to detox and cleanse the body, used by tens of thousands of people who buy it from Total Life Changes Independent Business Owners as the tea is not advertised or sold elsewhere.

Also sold on I Love Stay Fit is IASO Tea Instant, which is made with a variety of natural and organic extracts known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The tea also contains soluble fiber which helps reduce appetite and make the user feel fuller longer and eat less.

Ganoderma coffee and IASO tea are a natural product that show measurable weight loss in five days, sustained weight loss with continued use, and additional benefits such as improved mental clarity and improved regularity.

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