GameUnity Pre-Launches Collaborative Web3 Database Platform, Empowering Growth and Collaboration in the Web3 Industry

GameUnity, a pioneering collaborative Web3 database platform, is excited to announce its pre-launch. With a focus on connecting Web3 projects, creators, professionals, investors, and enthusiasts globally, GameUnity aims to drive innovation and unlock the potential of the Web3 ecosystem.

Founded by Pichapen Prateepavanich, an experienced Thai marketer deeply involved in various Web3 initiatives since 2017. GameUnity emerged from a genuine passion for the Web3 movement and the vision to foster collaboration and innovation within the industry.

“GameUnity was born out of my passion for the Web3 movement and the desire to create a platform that brings together talent and innovation,” explained Pichapen Prateepavanich, the Founder of GameUnity.

GameUnity’s mission is clear – to become the leading collaborative database platform that encourages individuals to contribute and benefit from listing, rating, or reviewing Web3 projects. With its comprehensive Web3 database, seamless project submission process, collaborative ratings and reviews, resource sharing, and enhanced networking capabilities, GameUnity empowers individuals and organizations to collaborate, contribute, and connect, thereby nurturing the growth and advancement of the Web3 ecosystem.

What sets GameUnity apart is its unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and resource sharing. The platform offers a verified and trusted project listing system, transparent user ratings and reviews, and a suite of networking and collaboration tools that facilitate meaningful connections and partnerships.

During its pre-launch phase, GameUnity invites users to sign up for Early Access and Early Listings of their projects, which will be showcased exclusively during its Beta Launch on August 8, 2023. The public launch of the database is planned for Q4 2023, with premium features such as a user dashboard, customized searches, direct messaging capabilities, and open-source tools.


“GameUnity is more than just a platform; it is a catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and growth in the Web3 industry. This year, we are laying the foundation for future enhancements and expansions. We aim to expand our user base and engage with diverse regions and communities. We invite Web3 professionals, creators, investors, and enthusiasts to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can connect, collaborate, and elevate the Web3 industry to new heights,” emphasized Pichapen Prateepavanich.

For all business inquiries, please visit the official GameUnity website or contact Pichapen Prateepavanich directly via email at

About GameUnity:

GameUnity is a collaborative Web3 database platform that connects and empowers the global community. Its mission is to revolutionize the Web3 landscape by providing a centralized hub for collaboration, contribution, innovation, and growth.

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