Fort Myers, FL – February 18, 2019 – G & R Bookkeeping Services, a member of the NACPB National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers, has announced a new website.

Enrique firmly believes, “Our company is large enough to offer you services at a reasonable price and small enough to provide you with the individual attention you are looking for.”

At G & R Bookkeeping Services, we know how important it is to have your bookkeeping filed on time. You can count on us to remain Trustworthy, Responsible and Honest, as these are the three principles that our company was founded on. We have been serving Southwest Florida for 8 years. We understand bookkeeping can be a nightmare, so let us take you one step further in the success of your business.

We Help You Grow Your Business

G & R Bookkeeping Services is committed to meeting the needs of our clients and maintaining the highest level of services. The success of our clients is also our success. We make it a point to anticipate the needs of our clients, understand challenges and assist in achieving goals.

During the past eight years, we have counseled various business owners on their bookkeeping processes and regulations as well as personally fill out each of their person income taxes. We are proud and very grateful that our family of customers increases each year.

Our company is equipped with these services:

Small Business Bookkeeping: As your partner, we are here to guide and advise you step by step to understand the pros and cons of your situation, which will guide you to take the right decision for you and your company best interests. We guarantee to maintain an excellent level of work and standards as your partner.

Professional Accounting: With our reliable financial solutions and sound recommendation, you will have peace of mind because the financial aspect of your business is in good hands. You save time, energy and money when you put your trust in a company that knows how to streamline your bookkeeping and accounting processes.

Personal Tax: Tax due based on one’s personal income is different from the tax paid on the earnings of a business. In sole-ownership’s and partnerships, tax is paid only one time, based on the company’s profits. Owners of incorporated firms (shareholders) pay tax on both their income (dividend from the firm and wages) and the business’s income (profits). As a business owner, it is very important to separate the income tax of your company from your personal income tax.

Payroll: When your payroll is submitted correctly and in a timely manner, it will be the last thing you will worry about. Outsource your payroll processing so you can take payroll off your plate. You can spend more time on serving customers and clients, growing your sales and increasing your marketing efforts.

Start-Ups & Incorporation: We are with you every step of the way and it is a relatively quick and easy process forming an LLC or another type of corporation, but most small business owners should consider a competent expert in taxes and business regulations who can help them along the way.

Business Planning: We are here to mentor you to improve all aspects of your business. Transform your business to make room for increased sales and revenue. It all starts with an intelligent business planning.

G & R Bookkeeping Services, LLC has many services to offer. We look forward to doing business with you in the Southwest Florida areas. You can call us anytime and get a free consultation. Thank You!

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Enrique Ramos at (239)-424-9296 or email at info@accountantcapecoral.com.

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