FXsolutions offers free Forex trading tool for retail traders

Leading Forex trading solutions provider, FXsolutions, announces the offer of its free trading tool to help retail traders join the group of winning traders

FXsolutions has positioned itself as one of the leading providers of reliable forex trading solutions to all level of traders, with a wide range of unique solutions designed to help traders get the best returns on their decisions. As part of the company’s goals of ensuring that everyone is able to profit from the forex market by making winning trades, FXsolutions is offering what is probably “the best free tool to help retail traders joining the elite group of winning traders.”

The financial markets are highly manipulated by the so called “smart money”. These manipulation tactics ensure that all new and uninformed traders have no chance to make money sustainable. Even worse, they will lose their money in the long run for sure.

The free tool from FXsolutions addresses exactly this problem. Instead of being a victim of the smart money, the free indicator helps retail traders to get onto the same side of the market as the smart money.

The free indicator is designed to automatically detect the manipulation moves of the smart money, allowing retail traders to directly exploit those manipulations to make money in the financial markets. The tool is a FREE Double Top/Bottom indicator designed for the Metatrader 4 software and has built a big community of retail traders who trade with this indicator.

According to FXsolutions, over 5,000 retail traders have downloaded the indicator during past 8 months, with the accompanying free telegram group growing every day with more than 800 members already. This is a testament to the reliability of the tool as its acceptance and popularity continue to rise.

The founder of FXsolutions, Mike Semlitsch, is an experienced trader and has dedicated his time to educating users of the indicator in the telegram group. In July, he announced four trades within the telegram group in front of 800 traders in real-time, with the trading opportunities signaled by the free indicator.

All four trades ended as winners as published on the website alongside the explanations: http://www.perfecttrendsystem.com/setups-double-top-bottom

“Risking $100 with every one of the four trades produced $700 profit in return. This shows how important and rewarding it is to learn the concepts of trading with the indicator,” says Mike Semlitsch.

FXsolutions emphasizes a lot on educating retail traders so that they can trade highly successful based on their own decisions. “Only when confidence into the own decision-making process is reached you can succeed as a trader,” adds Mike Semlitsch.

The site contains a plethora of educational materials for traders, helping traders of all levels to increase their knowledge of the financial markets and make even more winning trades. Downloading the free indicator grants instant access to this information the telegram group.

The free indicator can be downloaded here: http://www.perfecttrendsystem.com/double-top-bottom-indicator

More information about FXsolutions UG and the trading solutions offered can be found on the website.

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