Fruiteam Introduces a Garden Umbrella Base Capable of Holding 154 Pounds of Wet Sand

Fruiteam Introduces a Garden Umbrella Base Capable of Holding 154 Pounds of Wet Sand
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An umbrella table stand is a small table constructed to hold an umbrella upright when it is not used. It is a popular piece of patio furniture in areas with temperate climates that receive a great deal of precipitation throughout the year. The umbrella table stand typically sits on the ground and is constructed from metal or wood. It can be placed under the rain umbrella at any point during the year, but it is most advantageous when there are strong winds that could tip over the umbrella if it were left lying on its own.

The construction of an umbrella table stand is easy and doesn’t require much time or complicated tools. Some designs can be made from household items like buckets and metal pipes, which can be purchased at hardware stores for less than $30. The metal pipe is cut to size and drilled into a hole in the bottom of a bucket, which acts as the base for the stand. A second pipe is then screwed into the side of the bucket and placed inside another bucket to serve as a stabilizing rod to secure the top part of the stand together. An umbrella handle can be screwed into place on top of this second bucket, with open slats attached to either side so that it can be folded neatly inside when not in use. Otherwise, an umbrella table stand is also available on, a leading garden patio umbrella store.

The idea of an umbrella table stand is to provide a stable and secure place to keep your patio umbrella in inclement weather. Most umbrella stands are made from steel, but many models are made from aluminum. The stands are typically constructed from round or rectangular tubing to ensure that the garden umbrella base is wide enough to provide stability for your umbrella. The material used for the construction of the stand will impact the durability and sturdiness of the item, as well as its cost. Some materials used can be more expensive due to their manufacturing processes, availability, or rarity.

Stands can come in various sizes and styles, making it easy to find one that will complement any patio or backyard decor. You can find steel stands in either stainless steel finishes or powder-coated. Powder-coated steel is typically gray or black and has a matte finish; stainless steel is shinier and more reflective than powder-coated steel and is usually glossy silver. Aluminum umbrella stands are often available in black or bronze and can be purchased with various colored accents to match your décor.

A garden umbrella base is available at Fruiteam’s online store. Fruiteam is a prominent patio umbrella store with a wide range of products, including umbrella weights that hold up to 40 liters of water or 154 pounds of wet sand. The company strives to provide innovative patio umbrella designs that provide maximum protection against UV light and wind. For more information, please visit

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