Frontiers in Ozone Therapy Conference – Ozone Therapies Group holds international ozone conference between 3rd and 5th November in Santa Barbara, California

Ozone Therapies Group brings together international experts in one location presenting the latest in clinical and research with ozone therapy

Ozone Therapies Group holds a first of its kind event that brings together experts in the field of ozone and its uses in the worlds of medicine and therapy. The event is organized by Ozone Therapies Group, a firm advocate of ozone therapy, that has continued to promote the use, development, and research into ozone therapy, particularly for clinical purposes.

Renowned ozone therapy expert and advocate, Dr. Mark T. Weiser, who is also the CEO of Ozone Therapies Group, chairs the event. Keynotes speakers at the conference come from different medical backgrounds, with all of them experienced and passionate about clinical ozone use. The keynote speakers are carefully selected from different regions of the world and the include Dr. Silvia Menendez from Cuba, Dr. Julian Holmes from South Africa, Dr. Margo Roman from the USA, Dr. Lamberto Re from Italy, and Dr. Ruhi Cakir MD MSc Ph.D. from Turkey. Dr. Tim Rainey, Dr. Dennis Harper, Dr. Jonathan Birch, Dr. Robert Rowen, Dr. Carlos Nogales, Dr. Marcelo Valio, Dr. William Domb and the President and Chairman of the conference, Dr. Mark T. Weiser, complete the list of 13 highly experienced keynote speakers. Dr. Adriano Caquetti, Dr. Cedric Coucke, and Dr. Zully Zyllyt are three renowned Veterinarians with experience in the use of ozone and have been added to the list of speakers.

The newly-published book, Advances of Ozone Therapy in Medicine & Dentistry will be unveiled by one of the keynote speakers. The book was written by Dr. Silvia Menendez, in collaboration with her partner, Dr. Mark T. Weiser.

About Ozone Therapies Group

Ozone Therapies Group is a group of researchers and educators with a passion for developing the use of ozone in the medical and dental field, both for humans and animals. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, the group has been able to spearhead different international conferences in locations across the globe, even as it spreads the message of clinical use of ozone across the world.

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Company Name: Ozone Therapies Group
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Phone: 805-453-3802
Address:1511 State Street
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