From the makers of WeatherFlake; First Truly Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass Look Alike Launches on Amazon

January 9, 2018 – WeatherFlake launches the Coolest Weather Predicting Storm Glass, a decorative beautiful and unique forecaster- teardrop shaped barometer with wooden base stand antique crystal forecasting predictor used by Admiral Fitzroy.

Admiral Fitzroy, famous sailor and meteorologist used Storm Glass to forecast the weather in the 18th Century during historic voyages

Today’s modern forecasting tools are more accurate and reliable, However, the Beautiful and Unique Antique Teardrop Shaped Barometer that sits on a Wooden display base makes a great gift for any occasion or home or office.

Storm Glasses are Beautiful and Mysterious Weather Predicting Pieces of Art. The Unique shapes and patterns the Crystals form when the Weather changes are indeed a topic of long discussions.

Weather Predicting Storm Glasses have been around since the 18th Century. They provided mariners a way to forecast the weather before setting sail. Admiral Fitzroy made them popular by consulting them during his historic voyages.

Encapsulated in hand blown crafted glass our Storm Glasses are filled with a highly concentrated liquid. This ensures the best crystal formations when different temperature variations are detected.

Storm Glass may not be as accurate as modern technology forecasting equipment, but the true beauty and mystery that surround these antique forecasting devices are still being enjoyed by many today.

Kids and Adults love to watch the Storm Glass to see the different patterns that formulate due to the Weather.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503362327/original/Storm_Glass_White.jpg,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503362339/original/Storm_Glass_Salt_Lamp.jpg,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503362344/original/Storm_Glass_Table.jpg

Why Choose Us

  • Our Storm Glass is made from the highest quality materials and to the highest quality standards you should expect
  • High Concentrated Liquid Solution: We use high-quality liquid solution to ensure crystal formation inside the glass. The Shaping of the Crystals inside the sealed glass chamber Displays Beautiful Unique Formations based on temperature changes. Some Manufacturers use a Diluted Solution which results in poor functionality
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Our storm glass is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee with a 1-year replacement warranty for defects in craftsmanship

The WeatherFlake Storm Glass begins its launch today, and thousands of the storm glasses will be shipped worldwide on Amazon, click the link below to order:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our Storm Glass is backed by our manufacture 30-day guarantee with a 1-year replacement warranty for defects in craftsmanship. Note: Unit may need up to 2 weeks for the crystals to stabilize and adapt to the environment after placement.



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