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The RealJetSetBrett touches down his 81st country

One can never really know how far his passion can take him until it takes him to over eighty countries across six of the world’s seven continents. Brett C.S. Roberts, aka RealJetSetBrett, has indeed transformed wanderlust into a vocation. He just recently visited his 81st country, and is aiming to cap it off by visiting country 100 in the very near future.

By not only showing that it is possible to be a 9-5er and travel the world without breaking the bank or using all of one’s vacation hours, the Crenshaw District native has also written a book all about the how-to. Titled “From the Cubicle to the World”, and coming two years before his 81st country adventure, this book explains how a 9-5 traveler can learn to travel the world frequently — and cheaply.

From the Cubicle to the World offers travel tips, hacks and tricks for those looking to travel the world more often”, Brett says, “ is the site where I document my travels and where this book can be purchased. The book is also available at all major retail outlets.” When asked about how he felt after his 81st expedition, he said, “I can’t believe that I’ve been to 81 countries so far across six continents! It’s truly surreal at times. The lessons I’ve included in my book, From the Cubicle to the World, definitely have helped me achieve this feat and I’m just getting started! Who knows how many countries I’ll be visiting by using these tools I teach?” 

And touché, who knows! — especially now that traveling is picking back up and masks are no longer required. 

Brett C.S. Roberts is an expeditioner whose wanderlust has taken to 80+ countries across the world. An indigene of South LA, he collects experiences of people, places and things and logs about them on his travel site, The Passport Blog, which he hopes could provide a forum where like-minded urban travellers can share their similar experiences. He is the author of the travel book, From the Cubicle to the World (available at all major retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Nobles).

He also holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and works as a government relations professional in Los Angeles, where he is currently based. 

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