From Fat Bikes to Mountain Bikes – Why Riding the Global Trail Requires Durability, Strength and Versatility

Any experienced biker knows that a tough terrain needs a tough bike. According to one source, that terrain can be anything from the exotic and mysterious South American peaks of Ecuador and Chile, to the windswept Highlands of Scotland and the endless rolling hills of New Zealand – the global mountain biking stage is truly an eclectic one.

So while any bike that braves these landscapes needs to be tough, it also needs to be diverse – with specs and features that are flexible enough in their design to be able to handle steep climbs, sharp descents and uneven, wet ground in equal measure.

RSD Bikes, the biking company that designs, manufactures and ships a wide range of fat and mountain bikes, aims to be that multidisciplinary provider of hard-riding bikes, and has its complete inventory with full technical details listed on its online shop.

The Middlechild Chromoly features head tube and seat tube angles that create a geometry suited to both grueling climbs and sheer drops, and comes in a choice of colors from yellow, matte black and turquoise. The Middlechild Chromoly is also available as a separate, customized model called the Middlechild Titanium, which replaces the Chromoly’s steel frame with a titanium version – making it 2lb lighter in the process.

Another product on offer is the more versatile Sergeant V3 Aluminum, which is smaller and lighter than a fully-fledged fat bike, making it an option for riders who prefer a smaller-scale model for terrain that isn’t quite so heavy-duty. The Sergeant V2 Titanium is a similarly adaptable mountain bike that can tackle a wide array of trails, but adds tires of a higher volume to boost traction, along with custom titanium tubing.

For those demanding all-season requirements, RSD Bikes have upgraded their fat bike Mayor V4 Aluminum with new head and seat tube angles, and bigger rims and tires to enable the bike to perform beyond the cold, icy winters. The Mayor V4 Titanium bulks up this model with a titanium frame.

“Mountain biking and trail riding traditionally takes in all sorts of terrains, climates and seasonal conditions, and our aim is to provide keen bikers with as wide a choice as possible,” says a spokesperson for RSD Bikes. “We are also constantly looking for ways to upgrade our existing models with performance-enhancing customizations and other tweaks that make them aesthetically pleasing.”

RSD Bikes also have a collection of demo and media bikes available at a cut-price rate, having been already ridden for any period of time between two weeks and two months. They are in ‘as new’ condition, with only minor signs of wear and tear present.

About RSD Bikes

RSD Bikes has operated since 2012 and is based on Toronto, Ontario. They also outsource the manufacture of their steel and titanium frames to an industry-leading plant in Taiwan. With shipping available beyond Canada and the US, RSD Bikes can provide partly-assembled bikes and separate bike parts to keen riders around the world.  

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