From Desperation to Leading the Nation, RW Jones Launches The WEALTHFAIR Tour and Can I Live Organization to Guide Single Mothers and Families Toward Breaking Cycles of Poverty and Welfare Dependency

From Desperation to Leading the Nation, RW Jones Launches The WEALTHFAIR Tour and Can I Live Organization to Guide Single Mothers and Families Toward Breaking Cycles of Poverty and Welfare Dependency

RW Jones, also known as “The Welfare Escape Artist,” teaches low-income families how to protect and grow their income, while receiving various social services benefits (i.e., Subsidized Housing, SNAP, Medicaid, etc.). Jones recently secured more than $1.25 million dollars in Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grants during 2017 to help families remove barriers and achieve self-sufficiency. 

A former chair of a public housing authority board of commission, a housing authority staff and a welfare mother herself, RW Jones is the “Go-To” Subject Matter Expert on all things Resident Services, Program Development, Leadership, Policy, and Self-Sufficiency.

With a journey as remarkable as her mission, Jones is creating sustainable solutions to the poverty crisis that enable and empower single mothers and families to BE the change. 

Tapping into The Brillionaire Mindset 

As a single mom with four children on welfare, struggling to become financially independent, Jones has firsthand knowledge about maneuvering social services, child support, court, and baby daddy drama—but it wasn’t easy. Like many of today’s public housing residents, she was penalized for wanting to break free from the merciless welfare system that relentlessly pushed her 10 steps backwards through policies, rules, and program requirements. 

“On the verge of a nervous breakdown, harming my 4 children, and committing suicide, I fell to my knees and prayed ONE prayer! I asked God to get me out of this hell hole in my ‘right mind’ and I promised that I would come back and help others like me! Today, I stand FREE on the other side and in keeping with my promise, I want to help you get there too. I want to help teach you how to leverage your benefits, increase your household ‘income,’ and most importantly, help you structure your vision.

The Brillionaire is You!” – RW Jones

The unfortunate reality is that low-income moms who receive government assistance are penalized for working. As soon as a mom enters or returns to the workforce, the benefits she depends on to support her family (i.e., food, healthcare, childcare, formula for babies, and housing) are drastically cut, or lost altogether, leaving her no room to live. This situation leaves these moms stuck at the bottom, incentivized to stay home and do nothing while receiving more money than if they were employed. 

The Brillionaires Mindset is an unshakeable, unstoppable, enduring belief and understanding that despite of what it looks like you are not your circumstances.

Research shows that Child Support was correlated to welfare dependency. They could predict how long a mom would stay on welfare by the amount of child support she received, and so it is virtually impossible to move One Million Moms OFF Welfare without supporting the needs of fathers. Fathers (especially low-income) fathers need just as much support as women receive. 

From Consulting services, Published Books and Podcasts to Workshops designed to guide Agencies and Residents, the collection of Brillionaire resources available offer tangible, reasonable and sustainable solutions.

Pursuit of Happiness, Liberty, and Justice for All 

Jones’ mission extends with all resources possible and available to achieve realistic change for each family. She is the President and Founder of Can I Live, Inc. – a 501(c)(3) national public housing tenants association dedicated to reducing dependency on government subsidies for HUD-assisted families. 

“Our mission is to advance affordable housing, economic inclusion, and personal responsibility through advocacy, community and civic engagement, and education. We believe that all Americans are created equal and possessed of inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and to justice under the law. Yet the entitlements provided to people living at or below poverty are structured to keep them poor while entitlements offered to wealthier Americans and corporations assist in wealth creation and enhanced prosperity.” – RW Jones

Can I Live believes that all Americans are created equal and possess the inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness—and justice under the law. Unfortunately, many of the entitlement programs provided to millions of families living at or below poverty are structured in a way that keeps them trapped in a cycle of dependence. 

The ultimate mission is to provide a proven, repeatable blueprint to breaking free from government dependency in order to start building a sustainable lifestyleof freedom and independence.

If not stopped, this vicious cycle of poverty will continue for generations to come. Criminal activity induced by poverty will rise, mental health depression will increase, toxic and strained relationships will remain stagnant—which means, teenage pregnancy, single-parent households, fatherless homes, juvenile delinquency, mass incarceration, etc. 

National Scavenger Hunt 

The WEALTHFAIR Tour is a “National Scavenger Hunt” to locate the $18.9 billion in federal opportunities for low-income people through HUD’s Section 3 program. Over the course of this three-year WEALTHFAIR Tour, they will visit the poorest public housing communities in 300 of America’s most prosperous cities. Ultimately, the Tour centers on Reigniting Family Self- Sufficiency (FSS) Programs, Establishing & Re-establishing New Resident Councils and Advocating for Policy Change. 

“If we can put a man on the moon, certainly we can eliminate poverty!” – RW Jones

Powered by RADAR, the engine behind the tour aims to strengthen and equip resident councils with the necessary skills required to represent the interest of their respective communities. The RADAR Program encompasses the understanding of HUD regulations, and how they apply to help community leaders access grant funding, fundraise, conduct effective meetings, resolve conflicts as well as negotiate an equity stake in their upcoming redevelopment deals. With current federal housing being privatized, and low-income residents being displaced by large numbers, this initiative is more than timely.

Read More, Achieve More 

Get Your Hands Off My Butt: The Hands On-Guide to Avoiding the Welfare System is a very powerful book that offers young moms the fuel to stay the course. This book is designed to reach all women exactly where they are and guide them to where they want to be in life- personally and professionally. 

From teenagers to 40 plus, this book should motivate women to rise above their circumstances, stereotypes, and stigmas and invest in their number one asset themselves! This valuable book was written to provide both prevention and intervention strategies for youth and young adults who struggle with poverty and its effects. 

Get Your Hands Out My Pocket: An Informative & Relevant Book to Avoiding the Child Support System is a relevant book to help men become better fathers, parent partners, and protect them from the pitfalls of a brutal and merciless child support system. It encourages and teaches young men how to avoid becoming fathers prematurely and prepares them to be higher-income earners and providers for their families. 

The book also offers ideas to elevate to the next level of fatherhood, while navigating through the challenges that come with child support. 

Best of all, proceeds go towards canceling Child Support Debt for Active Fathers.

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