From Center Stage Rock Star To Digital Marketing Star

An Award-Winning Songwriter Brings His Creative Skills To Digital Marketing

Star Digital Marketer, James Tiffee rock music artist with television appearances and Billboard charting radio airplay is proud to announce Star Digital Marketer – Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. StarDM is a digital marketing and social media agency specializing in creative website design, SEO and social media marketing. The vision of StarDM is to treat each client with a fresh creative approach and make their brand a digital star.

Many years of performing and enjoying the company of fans has given this artistic businessman a well-rounded perspective on life and how people live it. What sets StarDM apart from the abundant choices in the digital marketing world is its founder. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and 15 plus years in Information Technology that includes a stent as a college professor. He is also a graduate professor of the School of Rock.

James was creating e-commerce stores in 2005 from OsCommerce and Joomla while watching the blogging universe have its own “Big Bang” and begin to orbit around WordPress. Worked on SEO when Google was awful and Yahoo! Ruled the indexing market.

StarDM is established on a firm foundation of website development and SEO bringing success to many clients. James was too busy rocking the stage in those days to establish an official business.

“I remember when I had to take a support call for a client backstage at an event in Nashville, TN. It was at that moment I realized that I needed to back off of the digital marketing game. I could not bring the level of excellence that I knew my clients deserved trying to do both.” – Founder, James Tiffee

The mission for Star Digital Marketer or StarDM (pronounced “stardom”) is to carve out a selected group of clients and develop a rock star approach to their digital marketing strategy. StarDM is not looking to do something for everyone, but is looking for those clients that have a vision to dominate their market like a star. Clients that have a digital vision to know where they want to be in five years.

Social media has quickly become a main form of entertainment in the world. The founding experience as a performer and Information Technology expert. Combined with working with live performance coaches gives StarDM a skill set to make magic happen. If you want to be a client and are willing to go through the process of marketing entertainment evolution. They would love to talk to you about becoming a Star Digital Marketer.

You can contact StarDM on Facebook or with Messenger.

Send emails to ‘” or got to to learn more about this new company with deep creative and technical roots.

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Company Name: Star Digital Marketer
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