From A6S Power Wheelchair and R8 Electric Bike to Learn the Philosophy of Airwheel

It is obvious to all, Airwheel has successfully created an amazing miracle through years’ efforts and it has risen to prominence. Amongst the sea of various models of vehicles, why does Airwheel become the pick of bundle? From the A6S balance wheelchair and R8 trekking bike, maybe we can find the answer.

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Home to diverse products, Airwheel electric one wheel boasts its large customer base. What philosophies of Airwheel make for the great popularity of its smart gadgets? Airwheel first bases its main philosophy on the service, taking the customer as the centre. To meet the demand from the customers is the final goal of Airwheel. If one knows about the customer-oriented philosophy in Airwheel, people will get a better understanding why Airwheel place particular emphasis on the ergonomics.

Airwheel A6S

Secondly, Airwheel is attentive to the details and even it pays manic attention to details. Take the newly released A6S self-balancing wheelchair for instance. It is designed to be foldable so that the user can save more space when it packs away, because the cumbersome device usually looks clumsy. It is easy to fold and convenient to store. Other details are as followings. Its two automatic kickstands in front and rear of Airwheel A6S make parking convenient and safe. The handlebar can be placed in the right or left side according to riders’ habits. And the rear intelligent light will light automatically if turns direction to remind the rear vehicles and passers-by.  

Airwheel R8

Another crucial philosophy that Airwheel has been holding on to is keeping innovating all the time. Airwheel aims to break through in every respect, and therefore Airwheel never plays safe and stays tradition. On the contrary, it has been finding its way to achieve a massive breakthrough, for instance in performance, design, technology and so forth. Airwheel R8 is also an obvious example. As we know the Airwheel S6 and S8 support dual ride modes, however, R8 has three ride modes—man-powered mode, electricity mode and moped mode. Also, R8 electric bike is proud of its triangle frame and excellent traffic ability thanks to the powerful motor and 26 inch large wheels.

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