Friday the 13th Watch: ‘SWEET TASTE OF SOULS’ – Heart-Pounding Horror

Friday the 13th Watch: ‘SWEET TASTE OF SOULS’ - Heart-Pounding Horror

“Delicious cherry pie. Would you like some eternal imprisonment with that or just coffee?” – Scariest Things.

Los Angeles, CA – Nov 14, 2020 – Munch on Friday the 13th with the heart-pounding horror, ‘SWEET TASTE OF SOULS’, now streaming on Amazon:

Released by DarkCoast, SWEET TASTE OF SOULS is a women-driven horror show from director Terry Ross (Carving A Life), starring multi-award winning actress, Honey Lauren (Wives of the Skies, Dot Got Shot, Happy Hands), Thom Michael Mulligan (Callous, The Witching Hour), Sarah J. Bartholomew (Waste, June Gloom) and Amber Gaston (Mermaid Down, Alien: Night Shift).

“Demonically delicious slice of storytelling presented with captivating cinematography and great direction with a side of sweet, sweet cherry pie,” wrote Scariest Things.

Written by Felicity Mudgett, SWEET TASTE OF SOULS follows four struggling band members – Nate, Kyle, Wendy and Lily – who stop at a lonely roadside cafe for a slice of pie. But, they soon find themselves imprisoned in the deranged cafe owner’s bizarre art collection, forced to battle a sinister force with an appetite for souls.

“The people-trapped-in-a-picture effect is the most important in the film and the effects crew nailed it. Seeing the various trapped souls trying to communicate with each other or just coming to life within their frames once the diner is empty is definitely a highlight,” continued Scariest Things.

Is cherry pie on your menu? Find out with the trailer for SWEET TASTE OF SOULS here:

DarkCoast has released SWEET TASTE OF SOULS onto various digital streaming platforms (Amazon, InDemand, DirecTV, AT&T, FlixFling and more).

Alongside Honey Lauren, Thom Michael Mulligan, Sarah J. Bartholomew and Amber Gaston, SWEET TASTE OF SOULS stars Mark Valeriano (Ted Bundy Had a Son, Hornet, Inner Connection) and John Salandria (Spider-Man 4, Animal Kingdom). 

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SWEET TASTE OF SOULS (2020, 99 min.) Directed by: Terry Ross. Written by: Felicity Mudgett. Produced by: Bee Pedersen, Felicity Mudgett. Editors: Dave Frank Downes, Mathew Roscoe. Cinematographer: Oscar Velázquez. Original Music: Dennis Poore. USA, English. Flying Dolphin Productions, WinterGlass Films, DarkCoast.

Production Companies: Flying Dolphin Productions, WinterGlass Films.

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