Los Angeles, California – Frescia Belmar, a distinguished and extraordinary musician, has released her dynamic, remarkably compelling debut single. Entitled ‘Gracias a la Vida,’ the piece unveils Belmar as a notable vocal talent, for previously the performer had become most well-known for her skill as a bassist. 

Hailing from Chile, Belmar is taking an opportunity to homage one of her home country’s most beloved composers with her new release. ‘Gracias a la Vida’ was originally penned by the legendary Chilean composer Violeta Parra, who died in 1967. This year, Chile is celebrating what would have been Parra’s centennial birthday. As such, Belmar has rearranged and recorded ‘Gracias a la Vida’ in tribute. 

This new version of the iconic Chilean composer’s song isn’t just a cover, but rather, a beautiful reinvention of the piece. Belmar has rearranged the selection to help bring it into the twenty-first century, utilizing modern looping technology, pop music musings, and fascinating new vocal and instrumental arrangements. While in the spirit of its original predecessor, Belmar’s ‘Gracias a la Vida’ is a new track unto itself. 

Perfectly harnessing pop and jazz stylings alongside traditional Chilean music styles, Belmar’s new single is a wonderful first entry in what is sure to be a long and fruitful music catalog. In her local Los Angeles community, Belmar continues to be a leader and starring participant in a bevy of distinguished productions, all while providing her musical talent to equally many organizations. 

As one of the most critically acclaimed bassists in Chile, Belmar’s virtuosic bass performance style has earned her accolades from some of Chile’s most renowned music enterprises. She has performed on several tours, recording sessions, and television networks in her home country, effortlessly navigating through endless genres: rock, R&B, jazz, fusion, and much more.      

In her career thus far, the young talent has collaborated with veteran Chilean pop artist, Anita Tijoux, and the acclaimed American jazz artist, Mike Stern. Both Grammy-nominated performers have recognized Belmar’s innate talent and have harnessed her skill in the studio and on the stage to complement marvelous performances. 

While ‘Gracias a la Vida’ is available now on all major digital music streaming and download platforms, it will return before the end of the year when Belmar releases her debut album. The single is set to be in the sequence of that release, and more so, the album will include a songbook with transcriptions of the collection’s musical arrangements! 

As an educator, Belmar has hosted a series of non-profit educational music workshops and bass clinics, all broadcasted live around the world. Her tri-weekly series, ‘30 Min Ask Your Question,’ is broadcasted on social media live to aid bass students globally in their studies of the instrument. Her workshops are pre-recorded so students can go back and re-listen to classes to take notes and formulate questions for future workshops. 

Connect with Frescia Belmar on her official website now! ‘Gracias a la Vida’ is available on all major platforms.

Belmar is sponsored by Ays Bass, Analysis Plus, Gruvgear, Markbass, TC Electronic, Jim Dunlop, and Ken Smith Basses. | Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @FresciaBelmar 

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