Freldo: Blockchain in the world of Art. What\’s New?

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency are harmoniously engaged in art and forwarded it to a new level. Times change and views on art changed. Admirers, art critics, artists transfer their relationship to online reality, which lead to new way of sales of the art objects, as well as establishing of copyright and authenticity of work.

The traditional direction

In our traditional institutes of art started their way in development of blockchain technologies in 2015. One of the first museums, which bought paintings for bitcoins was The Vienna Museum of Applied Art. It was “Listeners of the event.” — the work of Harm Van Delpel. The platform gave the author possibility to create the cryptographic identifier, to formalize the ownership, to transfer the object to the third people and register the digital part of the transaction for its creation. Additionally, many galleries offer to buy the paintings for crypto currency. The English Gallery Dadiani Fine Art had also had experience in accepting payment in crypto assents.

Another project that support the development of blockchain is The Fair Moniker Art Fair. The fair was the first who started to accept payment in bitcoin, which can be used by visitors and everyone who wished in 2015. In addition, at the event, which specialized in street and urban culture, the about crypto-currency Installation “Renaissance Today” was presented.

A good example of implementation of blockchain in the art were the paintings of contemporary Svetlana Smirnova at the CryptoArt exhibition, Russia. Each of them has an open digital certificate VerisArt. Such instrument offers to support the copyright of artwork and trace the history of the object.

The service of Marcelo Garcia Casil.opens the new possibilities for connoisseurs of art who do not have enough funds to buy the whole masterpiece. Co-founder of the investment platform Maecenas invented to sell pieces of art in parts with help of auctions. Everyone can invest their money in the work and then sell their stocks on the platform of the Ethereum. Authors plan to offer the certificates to purchase works of famous artists as Picasso, Renoir, Monet, Giacometti and others

For young talents it’s the great opportunity to present their works through online market OpenBazaar. The site is working without intermediaries and often without commission. For artist it is possibly to show the world their art, and for collectors it is the save way to have an interesting object from the point of view of art for a pleasant price. The assessing the authenticity of the painting on this platform also is done with help of blockchain technology.

Crypto Boom and its consequences

Blockchain and crypto not only make easy the processes of buying, selling, registering the rights, but also help creative people to earn large amounts of money on this wave by introducing the thematic works. Against increased interest to the subject of crypto currency the New York master of the conceptual direction, Kevin Abosh, creates works that bring him a millionth profit. He sold his photo picture “Potato # 345” for 1 mln. Usd. Another work of Abosh is «Yellow Lambo», created as token YLAMBO, reincarnated neon skulmpure had also big success. The amount for the object was higher than the real cost of the car itself — $400k. Among the masterpieces of artist there are also those who do not have a real investiture , but they are blockchain token. This is the work “Forever Rose”. It has the same success among connoisseurs of crypto-art and was sold 10 collectors for 1 million usd.

Film, film, film…

Cinematography is using the opportunities of the blockchain actively in implementation of its activities. Modern technologies make it easier for producers to search for and gather funds for finance filming and release rent films . Such system of sponsorship opens the new opportunities for producers and make wider the circle of potential investors, who with help of investing of crypto assents give life to a new project. Interaction between the sides is transparent, and the control can be over spending money at each individual stage. It helps the investor to be confident in the intended use of his investments and monitor the profitability target.

The Russian cinema has two platforms of fund-raising for creation the films — Cinematix and Cinemiko, under the leadership of Konstantin Khabensky and of course, Fyodor Bondarchuk. The first one was platform for ICO, thanks to which the filmmakers will receive the necessary funding as soon as possible. All funds are accumulated in a special account and every new tranche is possible for implementation of full cycle of work on the previous stage. Thus, the investor’s risks are minimal. The registration at Cinematix provides directors with the full legal support for the issuance of their own coins for ICO and people who interested in investing. The income, received after the film release is divided among the coin purchasers based on the smart contracts.

The development of blockchain is not limited and has big perspectives. Every day the big audience is aware this fact and uses it for realization the ideas. Blockchain technologies are wider and in some cases removed barriers for operations in one area. They give more freedom, mobility for their users, in their base are principles of democratic, equity, stability and safety.

The creators of social network Freldo based on friendliness, trust and security in their offspring. Each member of the community can be sure that he will find true information about the services of small and medium businesses and will receive a worthy quality of service. Feedback and recommendations of users in the system are the most reliable guarantor and free advertising services and goods of entrepreneurs. And this is just one of the few examples, how block-technologies can make life easy and help businesses to realize the products of their activities.

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