Freemg – An Addictive Social Media Platform For Fun, Education And Adventure

9th June, 2017 – The world of social media and networking can be more adventurous and fun when mixed with productivity.  Being first of its kind to integrate learning and fun; Freemig an entertaining and addictive social media creates an appealing entry on to the land of social media summing up all challenges to provide a magnificent platform for networkers across the globe.

The US (Delware) based product founded by Azfar Sazid Bhuyan, aims to transform people’s dream into reality through this social networking site where people will not be able to restrain themselves from being productive. Combining great features the site gives an appealing overview making it super easy for intending users to navigate freely.

Features such as:

Freemig feed:

Currently, Freemig have multiple feed in a single platform; a feed for regular users and another for professional users. These feedsare segregated into its distinct features. Users of the professional account gets a widget to see how many users visited their profile and also get to tracked them.  Users can easily switch its view from regular to professional using the easy to use newsfeed button.

Freemig my day:

Freemig ‘My day’ offers a plan chart scenario where users can plan, select date, add location, define priority, tag friends, add event, set plan reminder. Freemig “My day” will create a task flow management toward all users across the globe.

Freemig Mood Bucket:

Another interesting feature is the “Freemig – Mood Bucket”. Based on user mood and activities the mood bucket rolls out with all the possibilities highlighted inside a diverse range of scenario. The bucket outstandingly falls with different storyline grabbing user’s mood and ambience.

Through primary research and findings, mood bucket consist of all those options that surround users basic fantasy. Freemig comes to make a change from text to text roll out with animated images.

From swiping newsfeed to constant feed, animated images with text are gorgeous to have a glance.

Freemig Chatroom:

The freemig chatroom makes it easy for users with common interest or connections to interact under a single chatroom. This provides the needed privacy between users of same interest.

Freemig Study Desk:

Being the first of its kind since the emergence of social media, freemig doesn’t only bring fun and adventure to its users but also integrated its platform with global education. “Freemig Study desk” engage online crowd educational activities into a progressive teaching site. Student and teacher will get all the essential facilities to generate global courses. Freemig study desk create a barrier free network and enhance education to a different new level. Types of regular courses, seasonal course and certified courses will be offer here. 

About Freemig

Freemig is US (Delware) based product. Recently they launched (Alpha Version) in United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal & Bangladesh along with some region of Africa.

Media Contact
Company Name: Freemig
Contact Person: Azfar Sazid Bhuyan (Founder/President & CEO)
Phone: +13026600612
Country: United States