The 2018 Holiday Season is right around the corner. Although known to have the highest spending period of the year, the season has encountered quite some changes in the recent years. Statistics show that there has been a percentage decline of 7.5% in in-store footfall. While instead, E-commerce has started taking over the industry with an incredible 18% growth in 2017, and now the same percentage increase to be expected this year as well.

Antlere’s Holiday Deal – Free 500 Surveys

Before the years’ holiday season starts, every company needs to plan efficiently and research accordingly to end the year on a high note. As a business, companies need to derive a right plan to bring in buyers and to make them come back throughout the year end and beyond. This is where Antlere comes into play. This is a platform that specializes as online survey software and, this year, is offering companies an exclusive Holiday Season Deal to get 500 Surveys filled for free. This way companies can get significant insights on how to become a success in this year’s holiday season, that to, for no cost.

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What is Antlere?

Antlere is a state-of-the-art customer experience management platform that uses methods like Net Promotor Score to measure and analyze customer experience, and lets companies engage with their buyers through Closed Feedback Loops. By the use of Artificial Intelligence, Antlere specializes in interpreting emotions behind customer feedback and determine if an expression is positive, negative or neutral. This is done through multiple channels like Text Surveys, Video Surveys, Kiosk Deployment, Voice Surveys, Web/App Based Surveys and Social Media. The above stats clearly show that there is a shift from shopping at stores towards ordering and getting products at your footsteps. Antlere can benefit companies, as the survey software can measure customer experience by integrating itself into websites and applications.    
What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score divides a company’s customers into three types: The Promoters (people who are not only going to buy the product but also promote it to others) the Passives (who sit on the fence regarding the product) and the Detractors (people who can spoil the growth of the service through negative word of mouth). This is done on the basis of their feedback. The NPS survey software measures feedback through a 0-10 scale by asking them how likely would they recommend a product further to a friend or a colleague. The customers with NPS Score between 0-6, are categorized as Detractors, while the ones with NPS score of 9-10 are known as Promoters, and the ones with NPS Score of 7-8 are known as Passives.

Reach Out. Learn More. Take Action.

Reach out to your customers before the season starts, get to know about their expectations and then execute your plans to be a holiday success, all through Antlere, for absolutely no cost.

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