Frank V. Savona Offers All Real Estate Services in Staten Island, New York

Frank Savona, Attorney and Counselor at Law, practices in Staten Island, New York. Among other things, his firm focuses on cases involving real estate, financing, wills and contracts. New York deals with a large quantity of commerce, both domestic and international. Regulations and laws require knowledge and expertise. Using a firm like Frank Savona Staten Island Lawyer ensures that law-abiding citizens can successfully perform business, personal and real estate functions.

Frank Savona, Attorney and Counselor at Law handles the various aspects of real estate matters. Residential and commercial transactions cover the basics of gaining occupation of a space. While renting or buying a home may seem simple enough, the firm recommends that an individual take advantage of legal counsel to ensure the contract is fully understood. An individual may have experience with residential transactions; commercial transactions require a different set of expertise. As one of the largest expenses a business can acquire, the importance of utilizing legal knowledge when gaining a commercial space cannot be overestimated. Title issues also come up frequently with real estate matters. With legal counsel, complicated issues are resolved quickly.

In the world of financing, both sellers and buyers benefit from legal counsel. A variety of services fall under this category including retirement, investment, and lending. The law firm will even represent both parties in foreclosure cases. The website lists various examples of the complexities and unique characteristics of the New York laws involving this area. As a finance capital of the world, New York is heavily regulated making it essential to have experience and knowledge at one’s disposal in order to be successful. For example, with lender representation, the website states that “laws and regulations change constantly, and a qualified legal representative is necessary to protect you in all purchase and refinance transactions.”   

Wills and contracts also require experience to ensure their legality and authority. Although this area covers a large amount of information, the experience of the Frank Savona firm provides the support clients need to create the necessary contracts. While the firm’s website does not offer much information on these two items, potential clients can view it to find out more information.

Frank V. Savona, with about twenty years of experience in real estate and property/ownership matters in the Staten Island area of New York, provides insight into cases specific to New York. But his experience has led him through all of the boroughs of New York throughout his career. He is capable of assisting with aforementioned legal issues in the entire state of New York. Since New York has so much property with turnover, Frank V. Savona specializes in the real estate purchasing process. Since he can represent both buyers and sellers, he is able to be involved in every step of the progression.

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