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Legal Services Include: Real Estate, Financing, Wills, Contract Negotiation, and More

The legal world can be tough to navigate.  With all of the subsections of civil law, it may be intimidating to look for and find a Staten Island lawyer that knows what prospective clients need them to know.  A lack of experience in civil law can make all of the schooling required to pass the bar and become a lawyer ineffective. 

Attorney and Counselor at Law Frank V. Savona has worked at firms that have afforded him the opportunity to be the helping hand clients need.  He understands that buying your first home is an intimidating step for many consumers and starting with a free consultation.  He can guide the client through the process making sure they get the advice they need.

A homebuyer will find that the number of documents is an intimidating sight to behold and without knowing the law, dealing with a change in it requires a professional.  A good Staten Island lawyer is knowledgeable in the ever-changing world of real estate and can guide clients through these changes to protect them and their assets. 

Whether buying or selling, tax laws are complex.  CEMA law in New York can be especially difficult to understand and a licensed attorney can guide a client through and help them understand what they are looking at.  Frank V.  Savona is a competent professional that will help clients understand what they are signing at closing.

The last thing most people want to think about is passing away but as it is inevitable a will is the legacy you leave behind for your family.  A will is only as effective as the person who wrote it as it has to be carefully drawn up to ensure a person’s wishes are actually honored post humus.

As complex as real estate law can be there are many other contracts a client may have to create or sign.  In order to get what the client wants out of a contract it is important that a professional be involved.   Being prepared in the beginning is far better than being in litigation at the end.

With Frank V.  Savona clients can rest assured that they are in good legal hands through all civil law preparation.  Peace of mind is the hardest thing to come by in today’s world and he can provide just that. 

About Frank V.  Savona

Frank V.  Savona is a proud member of both the New York State Bar as well as the Richmond County Bar Association.  He has worked in many capacities in his time working at big law firms to gain the experience clients need to wade through the waters of civil law.  While real estate and property law are what he is known for he is also a notary public, which is helpful while signing all of the important documents in any legal scenario.  His skills reach to deeds, power of attorney, risk analysis and assessment, contract law (preparation and negotiation), wills, and financing.   

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