Francine Harris, Author’s Tranquility Press Teach How to Receive the Holy Ghost With The Mosaic Law

Francine Harris, Author's Tranquility Press Teach How to Receive the Holy Ghost With The Mosaic Law
Talented writer, Francine Harris, collaborates with Author’s Tranquility Press, as she explains how people can increase their level of spirituality in the book titled “How to Receive the Holy Ghost”

Francine Harris has taken a huge step towards inspiring as many people as possible across the globe to strengthen their bond with God and experience His superiority as the writer partners with Author’s Tranquility Press to promote her book – How to Receive the Holy Ghost.

The move by the team at Author’s Tranquility Press to promote Francine’s book is not particularly surprising, considering the company’s antecedents in working with writers across genres to get their works to the right audience. Over the years, Author’s Tranquility Press has built a reputation as the go-to media and publicity agency for writers looking to widen their reach and get more value for their work.

Francine Harris personifies her experience chronicling her journey seeing the several miracles of the Lord and how she continues to enjoy improvements in all facets of life. The author teaches readers about the tabernacle, which was under the Mosaic Law, explaining the symbolic meaning of some objects as well as the imperativeness of being sanctified. How to Receive the Holy Ghost also aims to teach people how fasting and prayer can be used as tools for moving closer to God, getting victory over the flesh and the devil, and how to be victorious in the spiritual realm.

The book is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover formats for interested readers in different parts of the world, amidst rave reviews. “Each experience with our Lord and Savior is like a snowflake they are all different but Evangelist Harris has outlined an excellent study from God’s word for your path to a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior! It’s a roadmap to seeking salvation and a closer walk with Jesus!” – Lady Trisha Plummer TAC.

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